The EOS Main Network is Live!

in eos •  6 months ago

This is just a quick announcement to say that the EOS Main Network is live, and that voting is now possible. Note that, for the chain to be considered valid, 15% percent of all tokens must have actively voted for Block Producer Candidates.

Our wallet is already being used by hundreds to vote:

If you need a public SSL endpoint to use, is now live and ready to go!

Check out the wallet at:

And if want to chat with us about it, feel free to join us on telegram:

Note: Our official BP Candidate name is teamgreymass

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I used this, idk if its safe but I did it!!!!!


The tool is made by @jesta, a top witness here on Steem :) Similar code base to Vessel, an awesome Steem wallet.

Great tool, I used it as well as @jesta and @anyx are top witnesses here on steemit. I use Vessel also for a long time and never had any issues.

I've found this strange issue. Please take a look.
Can a public key have multiple account name?
like this?


Yeah - they could have. It's was possible to register multiple ETH accounts all to the same public key, and I believe they wold have created multiple accounts for each ETH account. Sorry for the delayed response!

Thanks guys I just found out about this tool and would be using it to vote.