Greymass 2018 EOS Roadmap

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We’re no strangers to block production, having served as block producers or witnesses for a number of chains including Steem, Golos, Decent, Peerplays, Muse, and Karma. We've also developed a number of tools and services that enhance the user experience on these chains, including Steemcleaners, Cheetah, Guard, SteemDB, Vessel, ChainBB, Chainsync, Chainmodel, Reprint, and more.

EOS, like Ethereum when it first launched, has no enforced purpose. Like any open source software, it’s up to developers and the end users to give it purpose and utility. We think EOS has incredible potential and we know we can help speed that process up. Our commitment to voters is that Greymass has the infrastructure and expertise to serve as a world class block producer while simultaneously improving the value of the chain itself.

Below is our roadmap for EOS in 2018. We hope to build a lot more cool stuff throughout the year and well into the future, but this is the minimum commitment we’re making to everyone willing to vote us in as a top block producer.

Q2 2018Infrastructure
Block Production
1Redundant/secure block
production servers with
failover and monitoring.
Q2 2018Infrastructure
1Publicly available API
and P2P servers regionally
Q2 2018"Desktop App"
1Basic wallet that enables
users to participate in
block producer voting.
Q3 2018Infrastructure
Block Production
2Open-sourcing of our tools
and additional redundancy
through supplemental global
Q3 2018"Desktop App"
2Advanced wallet features,
such as deeper governance
interactions and smart contract
Q3 2018eosdb.io2Basic block explorer + APIs.
Q4 2018Infrastructure
2Publicly available API and
P2P servers globally.
Q4 2018"Desktop App"
3Complete integration of
general GUI for cli (cleos)
Q4 2018eosdb.io2"Smart Explorer" allowing
various views into different
smart contracts.
Q4 2019Supercomputing
1Inclusion of EOS as a prime
dataset for graph processing
conference (target of publishing
a poster or paper).
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I have some EOS and will be voting for BPs. You guys have an excellent track record and I will certainly be considering giving you my vote when the time comes. Thanks for this commitment roadmap which I think is a good sequence of steps.

I just found about eos-voter. Great app, thank you!