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RE: EOS CPU and Net delegation is live!

in #eos5 years ago

Hi @delegationhub ! I believe you are within the first to offer delegation with EOS.

One question, to delegate my EOS, does it have to be on CPU and Bandwith, or it has to be already unstaked on my EOS account?

Regards, @gold84


Hi @gold84

In order to delegate = stake your EOS it needs to be in an unstaked state. You can then stake it to yourself or to somebody else via

Understood, thanks @delegationhub!

Regards, @gold84

Thanks for this clarification! I was mentally thinking of Steem needing to be powered up to delegate so thought staked EOS was the same. I just played around with your service and was unsure why my order wasn’t processing. Now I know. Will try again in 3 days!

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