The future of POOR - A Community Proposal

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What is POOR?

The poormantoken was created to address an early need in the EOS ecosystem. As RAM prices skyrocketed during early speculation airdrops required as much as $250,000 USD to be completed. Many airdrops also see very low user participation making these high costs have very little returns.

To allow DAPPs to provide tokens to interested parties without incurring such a high cost the airgrab was born. Interested parties could airgrab in advance, paying the 240 bytes of RAM (a trivial cost) required to store the token balance and essentially distribute the cost of the airdrop amongst those who truly believe in a project.

Originally poormantoken was simply a proof of concept to test the viability. To date we are aware of RIDL, WIZZ, TRYBE, and ATD using the airgrab process. Now that the concept has matured, what is next for POOR?

Who runs EOS

You might think Block Producers run the EOS Mainnet... but it's actually you! Your staked EOS and your votes (either directly or through a well managed PROXY) decide which Block Producers actively produce blocks for the network, and which Block Producers should be rewarded for contributing to the EOS Community.

While many may say altruism and belief in EOS should be enough to encourage you to do this... the reality is there is an opportunity cost to staking and voting. How can we reward and say thank you for helping the EOS community, similar to how Block Producers are rewarded?

Say thank you with POOR

Now that POOR has completed it's final catchup drop on September 1st a new airdropping model will be used. We want to reward the community who stake and vote for 25+ producers (either directly or through a proxy).

We have developed snapshot tools that allow us to find this information and will enable us to do monthly drops to reward the community.

The criteria to receive these drops would be:

  1. Have a POOR balance (either from an existing DROP or AIRGRAB)
  2. Have a STAKED EOS balance.
  3. Have voted for 25+ Producers directly or through a PROXY
    (It doesn't matter which producers, just vote!)

Meeting this criteria will reward you with POOR at a 1:1 rate to you STAKED EOS.

The snapshots would be taken at an arbitrary undisclosed time near the end of each month so people don't stake and vote only for the purpose of the airdrop.

Why do I want POOR?

Now for the exciting part... why do you even want POOR?
This is where we want to hear from YOU, the community.

This is the concept:

  1. We create a smart contract called bepoornomore
  2. Tokens in the EOS ecosystem SPONSOR bepoornomore for a period of time by providing a quantity of tokens (For example, IQ, KARMA, HORUS, EOSDAC, RIDL, TRYBE, CET, OCT, BET, etc)
  3. The tokens would be available at a specified rate, for example 100:1 POOR:IQ
  4. Transferring your POOR to bepoornomore will BURN your POOR from the supply, and provide you with the SPONSOR token at the set rate
  5. By sponsoring bepoornomore these tokens, dapps, projects, and organisations can REWARD people who vote for Block Producers and support the EOS ecosystem without the logistical challenge of dropping their own tokens!

How you can help

We want to hear from the community on this idea, and for the community to engage their favourite DAPP and Token to voice support for this effort to reward the community.

Reach out to us on Telegram and let us know what you think!


  • Syed of EOS Cafe and for coining the terms poorman and airgrab
  • Michael of AirdropsDAC for inspiration

About US

GenerEOS is a social enterprise block producing candidate with a mission of promoting and supporting scalable and highly reliable block production whilst giving back block rewards to Charities and the Community.

Based out of Sydney, Australia, GenerEOS is founded by a team of like minded blockchain enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds and a passion to make a difference in the world and fostering the spirit of generosity by giving back.

GenerEOS: The Future of Giving

Public Presence



Korean translation courtesy of Devin Lee (An admin of KOREOS.IO)
Original KOREOS.IO post

POOR 토큰이란?

poorman 토큰은 EOS 생태계의 초창기 시절, 필요에 의해서 만들어졌습니다. 투기로 인해 RAM 가격이 치솟았던 초창기 에어드랍을 위한 비용은 무려 250,000$에 육박했습니다. 많은 에어드랍들은 매우 낮은 유저들의 참여와 함께 투자비용 대비 아주 낮은 효용을 보인다는 것도 깨달았습니다.

따라서 많은 비용의 지출이 없이도 Dapp들이 자신들의 생태계에 관심있는 이들에게 토큰 에어드랍이 가능케 하기 위해 "에어그랩"의 개념이 탄생했습니다. 프로젝트에 믿음을 가지는 진지한 참여자들은 토큰 잔고를 반영하기 위한 240 바이트의 램 공간을 위해 본인의 계좌에서 지불하며, 기본적인 토큰 배포 비용을 부담했습니다.

최초 poormantoken은 이러한 가능성을 확인하기 위한 아주 간단한 개념 증명 테스트였습니다. 우리는 지금껏 에어그랩의 방식으로 진행된 RIDL, WIZZ, TRYBE, ATD 와 같은 토큰을 볼 수 있었습니다. 이제 이 컨셉은 한층 성숙했습니다. 이제 POOR 토큰의 다음 행보는 무엇이 될까요?

EOS를 운영하는 사람은?

블록 프로듀서가 EOS Mainnet을 구동한다고 생각할 수도 있지만 실제로는 여러분입니다! 여러분의 스테이킹 된 EOS와 투표(직접 또는 잘 운영되는 프록시 투표를 통해 )는 어떤 블록 프로듀서가 블록을 적극적으로 생산하는지 결정하고, 어떤 블록 프로듀서가 EOS 커뮤니티에 기여하여 보상을 받아야하는지 결정합니다.

여러분들의 이타심과 EOS에 대한 믿음이 기꺼이 스테이킹과 투표를 독려 할만큼 충분하다고 말할 수도 있겠지만 실제로는 스테이킹과 투표에는 기회 비용이 뒤따릅니다. 우리는 어떻게 블록프로듀서가 보상받는 방식과 동일한 방식으로 EOS 커뮤니티에 보상과 감사의 인사를 전할 수 있을까요?

POOR 토큰과 함께 감사를 전하기

POOR가 9월 1일에 마지막 캐치 업을 마쳤고, 이제 새로운 에어드랍 모델이 사용됩니다. 우리는 스테이킹 후 25개 이상의 블록 프로듀서(직접 또는 프록시 보팅)에 대해 투표하는 커뮤니티에 보상을 주고 싶습니다.

우리는 이 정보를 확인할 수 있게 해주는 스냅샷 툴(을 개발했으며, 우리가 월간 보상을 통해 커뮤니티에 리워드 할 수 있게 할 것입니다.

이러한 에어드랍 기준은 다음과 같습니다.

  1. POOR 토큰 잔고를 보유할 것(기존의 에어드랍 또는 에어그랩을 통한 POOR 토큰 보유)

  2. EOS 스테이킹

  3. 25개 이상의 블록 프로듀서에 대한 투표(직접 투표 혹은 프록시 투표)
    (어느 BP에게 투표를 하든 상관 없음).

이 기준을 충족하면 스테이킹 된 EOS에 1:1 비율로 POOR를 보상합니다. 스냅샷은 매달 말, 비공개 임의 시간에 이뤄지므로 사람들은 에어드롭을 목적으로 스테이킹과 투표를 할 수 없습니다.

왜 내가 POOR 토큰을 원해야 합니까?

이제 가장 재미있는 부분입니다. 왜 POOR 토큰을 원합니까?
이것은 사실 우리가 여러분, 커뮤니티로 부터 듣고 싶은 부분입니다.

다음은 POOR 토큰의 컨셉입니다.

  • 우리는 bepoornomore라는 스마트 컨트랙트를 만듭니다.

  • EOS 생태계의 토큰 스폰서들은 특정 기간 일정량의 토큰을 제공할 수 있습니다. (예 : IQ, KARMA, HORUS, EOSDAC, RIDL, TRYBE, CET, OCT, BET 등)

  • 토큰은 지정된 비율로 POOR 토큰에 에어드랍 될 수 있습니다 (예 : 100 : 1 POOR : IQ)

  • 사용자가 POOR 토큰을 bepoornomore로 전송하면 유통량에서 토큰을 소각하고 설정된 비율로 스폰서 토큰을 제공합니다

  • 스폰서가 bepoornomore 스마트 컨트랙트를 통해 자신들의 토큰을 후원함으로써 Dapp, 프로젝트 및 다양한 조직들은 블록 프로듀서에 투표하는 사람들에게 보상하고 EOS 생태계를 지원할 수 있습니다.

당신이 이 컨셉을 지원하는 방법

우리는이 아이디어를 통해 커뮤니티의 의견을 듣고 커뮤니티가 자신이 좋아하는 DAPP과 토큰들이 커뮤니티에 보상되도록 그에 대한 목소리를 내도록 지원하고자 합니다.

텔레그램(을 통해 연락을 주십시오. 그리고 여러분의 생각을 들려주세요.


What about compensating the proxies for their voting? Nowadays they vote on good will but they could be rewarded somehow for that.

Good initiative!

Thanks for the feedback. Certainly something to consider. Currently we have suggested to reward the accounts they vote for as technically the those accounts are the ones that are voting but we can look into some reward for proxies

Great to see a proof-of-concept turn into something a bit more viable. I like the burn idea, but to make it fun, perhaps throw some randomness into the mix, ie. you're not sure what exactly you'll get.

Thanks mate. Yes in terms of timeline we'll plan that out more carefully and potentially could have some anonymous sponsored tokens which are dropped

People need to vote for you. You seem to put in so much and barely ever make it into the 21.

Thanks for the kind words and support. Yes we appreciate and thank you for your votes :)

I always vote for GenerEOS; and EOSVibes, and BlockSmith too.

EOS: cybernetwork

Did you get the Trybe Airgrab off Genereos EOStoolkit? Be a good idea to join Trybe which is like Steemit and you can grab 100 more tokens. Put up a post fast and I'll give it a good rating.

Nice one...I’ve been meaning to look into POOR.

no worries, hope this helped

I'm confused. When you say the "tokens" sponsor POOR you mean the Apps sponsor (give tokens), right? The apps give us tokens because we stake and vote?

Tokens in the EOS ecosystem SPONSOR bepoornomore for a period of time by providing a quantity of tokens (For example, IQ, KARMA, HORUS, EOSDAC, RIDL, TRYBE, CET, OCT, BET, etc)

This allows members with POOR tokens to cash them out for the sponsored token. So you can stockpile poor tokens until there's a sponsor that you really like and trade them in for your preferred token, so long as they sponsor poor.

What a fantastic way to incentivise VOTING and for the record, you guys are the FIRST to reward voters on the EOS network.

PLEASE everyone, vote for aus1genereos

thanks buddy, love it :)

Awesome proposal GenerEos! Loving it.

Also a tool to make it easier for individuals managing multiple accounts would be awesome!

Especially a summary to show the current % of max voting/proxy-delegating power remaining due to the decay, etc. :)

Not sure how possible is this to implement, but EosFlare allows you to view all your accounts if you search with the public key rather than a specific account name. Perhaps GenerEOS toolkit could provide a monitoring tool instead (just to view the %-voting power remaining) which thus doesn't require logging-in via Scatter.

EOS: cybernetwork

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