Infinverse Airgrab on EOStoolkit

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The Infiniverse airgrab is now live on EOStoolkit

We are excited to announce that the INF airgrab is now live.

Infini coin.png

Claim your FREE INF tokens here. Log in to your account using Scatter on EOStoolkit and press Airgrab - and get your 1:1 tokens. It is a new snapshot, so even if you didn't have a genesis account, you will get INF.

How the INF Airdrop and Airgrab works

  • Tokens issued by ‘infinicoinio’ EOS account
  • One Billion initial supply.
  • 1 INF : 1 EOS for air grabbers.
  • 0.5 INF : 1 EOS for everyone else with at least 100 EOS.
  • There will be a cap per account.
  • We will only drop to exchanges that list INF.
  • We will not drop to inactive genesis accounts.
  • The snapshot will be the most current available at the time of the drop.

Airgrabbing will reserve the required RAM (240 Bytes) to store the token on the user’s account. Airgrabbers receive double the amount of INF compared to non-grabbers. The purpose of the bonus is to reward users for reducing our airdrop RAM costs, as well as to give more tokens to users that show active interest in Infiniverse.

What is INF?

Infinicoin is a utility token used to register land and transact on the Infiniverse marketplace.
Here is an excerpt from their Whitepaper

“Infiniverse is a decentralized augmented reality (AR) platform and persistent virtual world on top of the real world, powered by the EOS1 blockchain and InterPlanetary File System2 (IPFS). Users can bring digital content into the real world, allowing it to be seen and interacted with by any other nearby users. The platform also allows users to place persistent content in the world, which remains in the same physical location even after the user has left the area or quit the application. However, due to the scarcity of real world space, users must purchase or rent “land”, the digital layer of real world locations, in order to place persistent content there.”

Here is how it works:
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 1.32.28 am.png

For more information you may check out their whitepaper here:

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Not sure I believe in this grab

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I airgrabbed this token via your toolkit 2 weeks ago and my wallet is showing 0.0000 INF??

Also, what is the ZKS Token you have below the airgrabs? I can't find any information on this and it's saying it is unavailable to me for whatever reason.

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