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RE: Inter-blockchain Communication via Merkle Proofs with EOS.IO

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Can you explain why Steem hasn't seem the same recent gains as EOS has. In October EOS was .50 now it is almost $4.00. You would think with that the price of steem would be closer to 5 or 6 dollars


Suppose it comes down to supply and demand, EOS has a lot of hype and excitement about what might be possible once it's built and therefore it generates a lot more FOMO than something like STEEM

I guess they are working on it

EOS has an all time high of $5 and the blockchain doesn't even exist yet. Wait till June next year. Steemit won't move significantly until it gets migrated to EOS.

Is that likely to happen?

LOL goodluck with that... @ned and @dan don't see eye to eye on some things.

Steem has systemic problems. It is gamed and manipulated and the whales wont have it any way because they have all the power. Look out for a STEEM clone on EOS share dropped on all EOS holders.

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