7 Questions for We Who May Clone STEEM

in eos •  11 months ago

Do you think that STEEM and EOS can cooperate in the future?

Do you think that it’s time to clone STEEM and launch a new social network on the EOS blockchain in June of 2018?

If you said “Yes” above… what should this new social network be named?

What features will this social dapp have that Steemit does not have?

What problems do you see here on Steemit, that can be solved, and how?

Should there be a share drop and to whom should shares be dropped?

Will you help build this new social network?

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I think a simple social network like SteemIt is a very adoptable idea. Perhaps minimalist with elements of something like LinkedIn meets Minds. It would probably be a nice merger between Busy.Org and SteemIt. The identity side of it must be absolutely BETTER than what Steem does right now. Possibly by connecting account creation through a series of invite and confirmation; this way lost account recovery falls to the people in the network who invited the new account creation. By looping Account creation into the economy and having recovery based on networked accounts, this would minimize lost accounts and reduce the spasm of fanatical spam account creation during growth cycles.

There should absolutely be NO PRE-MINE in the economy and the rate of token growth should be based on the content activity and content growth. This way, reputable and quality content developers will organically grow to the status of Whale rather than introducing Whales unnaturally into the ecosystem.

In short, if you clone this pathetic Social Network, SteemIt, in order to build a better version, I'll be an early adopter for sure.

I think someone will launch it because "that steemit" will have direct connection with all dapps developed for EOS, then there are a lot of possibilities about the transfer of money or services.
I think steem is a great dapps but lacks of governance, we need that here.

In this moment steem have reached a big amount of users, then in my opinion it will be a great competitor in the future for eos-steem.

Name? Good question, but to be honest I wouldn't want a Steem clone, no, I would want something where I feel I don't have to write a scientfic post to reach my friends.

So my social network would be named fr3nds and I would like it to have some elements Peerity came up with.

With EveriPedia being I think more the stuff to make money with IMHO because it's so much more work to write valueable posts where is there a place for Steem on EOS? I mean I love it for the updates about crypto and I do value AskSteem and I trust it more than Google but that has more to do with the upvoting and reputation system. Which is kinda broke but better than nothing (interwebz).

For me I'd like to have Discord on the Blockchain where you can live stream, talk, chat and write posts, maybe together like you can program together on Github.