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Alright, I know you might be pulled through hundreds of post urging you to register the ETH address to EOS network. Well, if you are storing the EOS in private wallet and have not been paying attention or just procrastinate, do yourself a favor and DO IT NOW. You do not have much time left.

Take a look at the, the Launch day is almost less than 4 days away!


For EOS stored on exchanges

First of all, read this great article "How to Own Your EOS on Launch Day" if you have not already. It perfectly draws out the picture of what might be happening to the EOS tokens holding on the exchanges and if you still thinking holding coins on exchanges that you do not trade often, you are insane.

Do it while you can before exchanges start to freeze withdrawal to prepare for the very near launching day.

For EOS stored on private wallet

You are in much better position than those who don't, because you at least own the EOS as you control the keys, for now. The only thing you need to do next is making sure registration of the ETH address.

The site also providing a simple tool to check if you have done the registration by providing ETH public addrss. If the result is

All done? Great, sit back and chill, we shall see each other again in the new Decentralized world after 1st June!

我知道你可能看到了无数个呼吁登记 ETH 地址到 EOS 网络的帖子。如果你看到了总是选择拖延还是干脆忘记了,现在立马去做!

截稿为止,只剩下四天的时间 EOS 主网就正式启动了。

对于把 EOS 币放在交易所的人,强烈建议阅读这篇文章,它解释了主网启动时种种可能会发生的现象。结论就是自己拥有 EOS 的私钥是最佳的应对方式。如果读完之后你还是无动于衷,我对你的冒险精神深深感到钦佩。

另外,要把 EOS 移出交易所的也要赶紧了。因为交易所通常会在这样的重大事件发生之前冻结 EOS 户口。

至于已经把币收在本地钱包的人,恭喜你,你拥有真正属于自己的 EOS 币,但只限于在六月到来之前。请务必确保用来保存 EOS 的 ETH 地址已经成功登记,可以用这个网站来查询。如果答案是否定的,网上已经有一大堆登记教程,我就不罗嗦了。

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excellent!! and thanks for your support.

Thank You for your great support for wishes for you, carry on sir.