I think he only moves on when he has left his project in good hands and he is ready to develop the next phase of the ecosystem. Steemit and Bitshares are not suffering in my opinion.

You should explore more what he did with Bitshares.

What did he do?

Google is your friend.

I want to hear your version, you seem so well informed.

No, sorry. You can start with then try to find out what (post Feb 28)AGS donors got.
Maybe you will have better luck with EOS ICO.
Good luck.

I was an AGS donor, did just fine.

This is why I'm curious what your story is, not what everyone else's is. :)

Yes I can recognize your nick. You seems like a nice guy. You are obviously donated prior February and not in BTC ;).

It is sometimes, but if he did something specific it would be better if you just pointed it out.

Agreed! I have been researching and investing in BTS and recently opened a Bitshares OpenLedger account. : )And I am hodling.

Recently? Who knows maybe you become rich. Good luck.

Yes when it was at $.045 or so I picked up the bulk of my bts. Thanks!