EOS mainnet launch countdown replay

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EOS mainnet launch countdown replay. This is the exact moment when the EOS mainnet goes live, today June 2, 2018 at 4:00 PM CST

This marks the end of the longest running ICO in history (1 year). This video shows the precise moment when EOS Countdown shows that the main net has gone live and the process to lock the Ethereum tokens has began.

Welcome to the future!

What do you think about EOS?


love EOS! I'm in the top quartile of EOS holding addresses :D

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Very exciting times!

yes! and it's very to meet you guys here in Costa Rica. Looking forward to meeting you in person. Pura vida and obviously I will vote for you guys.

Go Costa Rica and EOS.
https://eoscostarica.io/ @eos-costarica

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