EOS London Hackathon - The Venue

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The third in the series of the global EOS hackathon is about to conclude in London today. Arriving here yesterday I was greeted with a shockingly long queue of enthusiastic EOS fokk ready to build DApps on the EOS blockchain.

The venue couldn't have been more appropriate. The participants were placed right at the heart of history, innovation and development. To think that all of the ideas on display were not only cuttting edge in their time, but collectively they lay the foundations for the collection of participants at the EOS hackathon.

On the way to the event area we were ushered past the world's oldest locomotive . A machine that revolutionised transport and extended humankind's reach on the planet. (

Then we were transported through the aviation zone where the iconic Rolls Royce
Merlin engine is on display. It is fondly referred to as "The engine that saved Great Britain" ()

Applications included Spitfires, Hawker Henleys, de Havilland Mosquito and Hornet and the airliner Canadair North Star. All iconic planes of their time.

Flying through time we found ourselves walking through the space age, rockets, lunar modules and much much more.

Suddenly, the great Cray 1 loomed into view. We'd arrived at the big computing world.

We're off to the moon, I say. Come on EOS!!

This served as an appropriate segway to what we were here for. The great EOS Hackathon, in London. The historic pioneers were here with us, mingling with the future pioneers. EOS fits right in. The thing that struck me was that this is a regular weekend, the museum is filled with parents, children, tourists and tech enthusiasts all sharing this space that is not only historic but futuristic too. Many were completely oblivious of the blockchain developments taking place right amongst them.

This was a great selection of a venue and couldn't have been more appropriate.

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