EOS is HODLing with a cause...

in #eos4 years ago (edited)

There seems to be active FUD around whether EOS is suitable for long term investment and HODLing. All this stems from two main issues:

a) The steady decline in vote power as time elapses

In order to promote voter activity the developers built into the system a mechanism that halves your voting power over a one year period. To avoid this and to maintain full voting power, holders need to actively participate in voting on a regular basis

b) Account auction after long periods of inactivity

If your account is inactive for 3 years, it may be put up for auction and proceeds distributed across the community. This like above is designed to promote activity and community collaboration.

These two items definitely make EOS unsuitable for passive HODLers looking to put their coins into cold storage for years on end. It is afterall a community project that becomes more and more useful as it is used.

In my view, this is why projects like BTC and BCH may not hit mainstream proper because holders have them parked up in cold wallets doing absolutely nothing. There's value in active communities. HODL with a cause.

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