Airdrops....Airdrops... Everywhere

in #eos4 years ago (edited)

The last week or so has been a busy one for EOS holders. Keeping track of airdrops is a job in itself. Over the weekend we saw 3 airdrops come through bringing the total to about 15 (I did say they're hard to keep track of). If you had $1k EOS tokens on the 1st of June, the aggregate number of tokens held today will be inching towards $25k.

If there's an average increase in value of all these tokens to say 50 cents each, we'll be looking at $12.5k from an initial investment of $1k (assuming EOS price was $1 per token). Also, you'll still be holding your entire EOS bag worth $8k today. Only very very good traders can realise those sorts of returns.

In my view the intrinsic value of EOS will improve not only because of the network performance and new markets it makes possible, but also due to the airdrop premium that comes with holding EOS. According to the image below, there are many many dApps in development and most will issue airdrops.

Please note that these are the documented ones. I know atleast two dApps that will be airdropped and are not on the graphic above. Makes a mockery of share/stock holding as we know it. EOS is probably the best investment ever.

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