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Welcome to EOSvillage. We are a young, energetic and enthusiastic team with in-depth understanding of high-concurrent products. We’ve got financial support through investment from world-class funds. After closely working together for many years, we have launched a series of internet product such as Qingchifan, Adore, and Maoqiu, which are successfully operating online. In 2018, we launched lianjinshu.com, a blockchain-based information platform. Our goal is to build China’s first-class blockchain community, to facilitate development and advancement of blockchain industry and technology. To achieve this goal, EOSvillage gathered resources and set up a 2,500 sqm incubator, to facilitate the EOS ecosystem, accompanying a series of online and offline seminars to share EOS technology. Below is a detailed introduction of EOSvillage.

A. Contact us:
Website: https://www.EOSvillage.io
EOSvillageCommunity: https://www.lianjinshu.com/coin/EOS
Telegram: https://t.me/eosvillage
Telegram group: https://t.me/eosvillageofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eosvillage

B. About us

  1. Our name: EOSvillage
  2. Headquarters: Beijing, China
  3. Our values: EOSvillage is dedicated to building a worldwide interactive community that is based on EOS ecological chain, with ongoing efforts to explore and search for a new social formation. We believe all members are equal and free in this community. We aim to build a free and equal community that upholds openness and transparency, and a decentralized and highly autonomous environment that provides order and equity for all members.
  4. Contribution:

a. Media support
EOSvillage is built on top of lianjinshu.com, an online industrial information platform. By working closely with industrial media websites such as bishijie.com and jinse.com, we send timely updates on EOS and EOS technology.

b. incubator and incubation plan:
b.1 EOSvillage, with the support of our partners, has set up a blockchain incubator in Pudong, Shanghai, covering an area of 2,500 sqm. This space is offered to EOS DAPPS development teams, with first-class node service and secure and stable DAPPS development platform, together for the promotion of the EOS ecosystem.






b.2 EOSvillagewill create a detailed incubation and training program for EOS development team, to make the EOS ecological chain full of opportunities.

c. Online and offline event support
Starting June 2018, EOSvillage will launch a series of online and offline events in Beijing; Shanghai; Hangzhou; Shenzhen; Chengdu; Melbourne, Australia; and Silicon Valley, USA, to promote intelligent contracts and explore business models under decentralization.

d. Building the community
EOSvillage community will be online by the end of May. Based on our experience with social apps, EOSvillage will gradually build a social network super node. While making EOS ecosystem more dynamic, we will offer participants more freedom, efficiency, and autonomous space.

C.Hardware and technology

 Hardware Plan

Phase 1: Hardware plan:
Region: AWS Tokyo and Sydney
EC2 instance type: x1e.32xlarge ( 128 vCPU, 4T RAM , 2T SSD )
Bandwidth: 25G
Budget: $22w/year/set
Quantity: 3 sets, one for node running, one for local backup, and one for remote backup.

Phase 2: Hardware expansion plan:
1.1 When the node is officially online, high-defense nodes are expected to be deployed on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS and in Europe, Asia and North America according to actual needs.
1.2 Deploy monitoring nodes to monitor various performances and security indexes and actively perceive changes to the nodes.
1.3 IDC physical server is likely to be deployed in Asia and Australia to perform regular cold backups of Cloud node data.

 Security Technology Program:

  1. System Security:

1.1 One needs to log into the system with a key rather than a username and password.
1.2 Only the assigned ports of security group are opened to the assigned IP addresses.
1.3 System permissions are strictly and reasonably assigned. In particular, the root permissions are separately managed.
1.4 Use and install the Amazon Inspector to EC2 system to analyze the behaviors of AWS resources and identify the potential security issues (such as system vulnerabilities and bugs).
1.5 Use Amazon GuardDuty to analyze VPC Flow log and DNS log and identify the potential security issues.

  1. Network Security:

2.1 EC2 server applies the customized VPC network, with specific security groups added.
2.2 Use AWS Shield Advanced to realize DDoS safety protection of Amazon EC2 instances.

  1. Application Security:

3.1 Use AWS WAF to monitor the HTTP and HTTPS requests forwarded to Amazon CloudFront or application load balancer.
3.2 Configure WAF rules to block all the requests except those assigned by the application server.
3.2.1 Limit the request IP address.
3.2.2 Limit the country/region of request IP.
3.3.3 Limit the value in the request header.
3.3.4 Limit the request length.
3.3.5 Configure WAF rules to stop the injection of SQL.
3.3.6 Configure WAF rules to prevent site scripts from being attacked.
3.3.7 Configure and use AWS WAF and WEB ACL to minimize the impact of DDoS attacks.

D. Our Team and Consultants:

About the team


Curt Liu
Curt Liu developed Qingchifan in 2013. The app has received funding from Sequoia Capital and Vertex Capital.
Mr. Liu graduated from Peking University in 2010 with a double degree in Economics and Law.


Josie Zou
Josie Zou previously worked for BMW, Porsche and Zhong Rong International Trust, where she gained many years of experience in marketing and branding.
Ms. Zou obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Melbourne and an MBA from the University of Sydney.


Junjing Zhang
With about 10 years of experience in technology R&D management in the world’s top IT companies, Zhang has worked for well-known FinTech companies for many years and has been responsible for architecture R&D and team management for the asset management platform and the FOF management platform. He is also one of the earliest participants in the blockchain industry and has been a serial entrepreneur in both the financial and blockchain industries. Zhang holds several technology patents.
Zhang graduated from Fudan University with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering.


Peng Zhang
Peng Zhang has years of technical experience in the world’s top IT companies, and has experience in trading system and knowledge graph in a well-known domestic FinTech company.Zhang graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Technology of China University of Science and Technology


Tianjia Chen
Tianjia has vast experience in LBOSS mobile client-end module. He has developed Huadong E-learning Management Platform, National Aging Service Platform and Beijing Normal University’s ‘National Training Program’. Later, he’s responsible for related framework and daily data management.


Sheng Wang
Sheng, who joined the team in 2014, is responsible for client-end management and iOS development. He also participated in the structure building of qingchifan.com, aidao, and lianjinshu.com, with years of experience in major projects.


Weijin Sun
Weijin, who joined the team in 2014, was in charge of the client side and backstage of qingchifan.com. Weijin has vast experience in high concurrency with over 1 million of DAU.


Xiao Guo
Xiao joined the Qingchifan team in 2013 and is now in charge of operation.
Xiao graduated from Zhejiang University with a BA in Law in 2008, and he obtained an MA in Law from China Foreign Affairs University in 2010.


Bin Yang
Bin’s experience is in marketing of Tuan800 and Zhe800. He’s now in charge of product design for Qingchifan’s app.
Bin graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University Telecommunication Department.


Qiang Sun
Qiang participated in development of Jiuxianwang’s internal system and system tools. He has professional knowledge in Java, Python, Wolfram and other languages. Qiang has also studied cryptology.

Our consultants:


Neil Kuang
CEO of Huaxi Group FinTech and Blockchain Investment Co., Ltd.

Neil worked at McKesson (NASDAQ MCK), Wuchan Zhongda Group (SH600704), and led the national project against telecommunication fraud, commissioned by six ministries of the China State Council. He has extensive market capital FinTech experience. He’s now dedicated to FinTech risk management, and blockchain technology development and application, focused on providing enterprise level cloud service to FinTech industry.

Neil graduated from Nanjing University with a B.S. in Astronomy and went on to finish his postgraduate education at the Department of Planetary Sciences, St. Louis Washington University. He also studied at the CCSR of Stanford University. He was also among the first class of Mainland China exchange scholars to visit Taiwan (Department of Physics, National Central University).


Yi Zhao
Chairman of Whale Technology

Yi Zhao is the chairman of Whale Technology and the founder of Teacoin. He is also an investor of digital currency and the first graduate of Hupan University.

E .Future Plan:

未来时间点-EOS--5-10- EN.jpg

F. Finance and Auditing

EOSvillage believes in equity, transparency, and an open community. We will disclose our financial reports on a regular basis. If elected as block producer, we’ll hire third party auditors to regularly conduct financial auditing, and disclose the results to the public accordingly.

G. Position on dividend payments:

EOSvillage will always adhere to the EOS values and its charter provisions. It guarantees that it will not buy votes in any form during the campaign and will not pay EOS holders using any form of financial asset. If elected to be block producer, it will not pay any form of financial assets to voters. EOSvillage has promoted the construction of a democratic autonomous system of EOS ecological community by taking advantage of the electoral resources to ensure freedom and independence.

H. Telegram and node testnet participation

Party testnet monitor browser: http://eos.host
Server location: Japan
Organization: EOSvillage
Node domain:
Port(http): 8888
Port(p2p): 9876
Producer name: eosvillage
Public Key: EOS6zHSt2w2j8qwPEFzCmkvPAZZJMBmSR8x7WyT5ydMegnNTkviFd


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