TUTORIAL: Secure EOS Block Producer Voting [Tokenika Offline Tool]

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First of all we want to thank and congratulate @tokenika for this great tool. 

How To Vote For An EOS Block Producer

This is an easy 3 steps process that involves two online and one offline for maximum security. 

1.- First Step: Fetch information about the network

Go to @Tokenika github page: https://tokenika.github.io/secure-bp-voting/1_get_blockchain_data.html

(Be sure the url has the HTTPS certificate, green letters)

Then choose an API Endpoint, in this case we used https://api1.eosasia.one/

Which will fetch automatically the information from the chain: chain_id, block_num and ref_block_prefix

Copy these values, you will need it for step 2. 

2.- Second Step: Generate your voting transaction Offline

Go to https://tokenika.github.io/secure-bp-voting/2_generate_transaction.html

Save the website on your local machine (right click, save as...)

Turn off your WIFI, aka, go offline. 

Open the saved 2_generate_transaction.html file on your browser.

Then introduce your EOS Account Name and Private Key

Paste the values you copied on the Step 1. 

Then choose a Transaction time (10 minutes by default) and write down the Block Producer candidates you want to vote for (Remember you can cast up to 30 votes, and you have to write down all the names in one time, separated with comas, if you try to do different transactions for each vote the subsequent will override the previous ones, your last vote will delete any previous made) 

Then click on Generate. And you will see something like this:

Copy this raw transaction info

3.- Third Step: Send the transaction

Turn your WiFi on, aka, go online again. 

Go to this page: https://tokenika.github.io/secure-bp-voting/3_push_transaction.html

Choose the same API Endpoint you use in the first step.

Paste the raw transaction info you got from Step 2. 

Then click on Send transaction to the network, and you will get a message like this: 

SUCCES!! Now you have voted for your EOS Block Producer!

This is an easy and secure way to vote for the EOS Block Producer Candidates. 

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@eosvenezuela llego para quedarse, gracias por contribuir en nuestra educacion.