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EOS is easy for non "geek" people

With FamilyEOS and the support of GiveCripto an the EOS Community we are showing that using crypto technology on a day to day basis is not as difficult as it seems, especially with EOS.

Through the history of technology, especially in the last 40 years, it has been shown that people do not need to have a deep understanding to improve their lives using these advances. We have seen it with computers, internet, artificial intelligence, among others. You only need a system designed for humans.

We feel that the families participating in this crypto microeconomics experiment can start very easily with EOS, the learning curve seems to be less difficult to overcome and we are sure that it is due to some of these following points.

  1. Quick import of the EOS account in the wallet.
  2. Short and simple Addresses for transfers . Less likely to make mistakes.
  3. Transactions in 3 seconds.
  4. Variety of wallets with excellent user UI's.

One of the things that remain an obstacle at the beginning and that, we think, is necessary to solve soon is related to the process of creating an EOS account. The truth is that it is not very friendly for a user not familiar with this world.

This has been solved by providing direct assistance throught the account creation process.

In general, we are reaching the objectives of putting into operation an economy of daily transactions, between people outside the world of investors or geeks, for which we want to thank GiveCrypto and** the entire community** that have made this possible in our country.

Cryptoeconomy is an opportunity

Venezuela and similar countries can see the process of economic reconstruction accelerated when factors that generate freedom and stability are added to the formula. The simple fact of being able to access a financial system free of corrupt centralized controls, insecure and not very inclusive is, in itself, a plus for any social environment.

If you want to know more about FamilyEOS please clic here.

We still have a long way to go in this project, so we have decided to start an aggressive campaign dedicated to entering merchants, especially goods of first necessity (food) into the ecosystem. We already have several interested and we hope to test everything we have talked with them in the next few days. There will be many challenges to solve with them, so the next few months will be very exciting.

Thank you all!

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