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It is a tangible fact that with CryptoPeso, help from GiveCrypto and other donors, we are helping venezuelans and promoting these technologies as feasible solutions to the economic problems of the region.

With the real case of Venezuela, at this moment there are more than 70 beneficiary families, with more than 300 individuals using PSO in their daily life...

If you want to know much more about what we are doing in FamilyEOS, visit the project website.

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We are working for that, the beginning is being quite promising

I just resteemed your post!

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Normally we curate only Polish content but taking under consideration the fact that this is for good cause I've decided to make an exception for you guys so have a few cents from @sp-group account and keep up the good work you are doing :-) regards. @pibyk

thank you very much friend, we are really pleased to receive your support in what we are doing.

You are welcome :-)