EOS Community Survey Results 2019

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A while ago we launched a public survey to know more about the community on the EOS blockchain, in a manner to find and visualize better the interests and desires of our users. So we published an online form to outline the level of expertise of the user, population of technical and entrepreneurial users and level of engagement. As a way to understand the whole, we need to dig out the incentives and drives from the discovered types. In this way we could understand how to motivate them and find the possible improvements to the current state of the technology.

Through this little study we intended to take a look to the level of knowledge and participation on the governance side of the blockchain. We wanted to see the user's perception on the EOS politics,  the level of participation and desires to act on the governance procedures. Which can lead us to see how it plays on the political level the current mechanics of the EOS governance system on the blockchain, which is an empirical experiment of a new dimension of power distribution and participation on decentralize networks. So we continued to ask about the opinions of the user on today's blooming ecosystem, as a way to asses the quality of what is being built on the EOS protocol level and dApps. Last but not least, we asked the people a few of the main debates put to test on the EOS Referendum system, almost like poll study, aiming to decipher the will of the community, at least to a certain level, and see if actually gets reflected on the participation actions and weight of votes. 

Our sample was not very big but its important that got quite a interesting number of very different sub-communities differentiated by languages, in our case we opened two forms one in Spanish and on in English, so we could involved our local users in Venezuela. We got around 270 answers in English and 255 in Spanish, which should not disparage to the more than 500 EOS users thoughts on these matters that we gathered in total. This is what motivate us to share the results as a little incentive on the blockchain governance experiment we are fostering here. 

On the initial assessment to who our user is, we covered less than 17% of new crypto users, participants that identified themselves as "beginners" that are on-boarding to the crypto and blockchain  technologies through the EOS platform. 

About 30% of our community are developers, which is good when you think we are a dApp-focused chain. From these developers its only 44% are actually working on some development, and from the rest, about 35% is slightly inclined to start something.  A small 20% declared that are not interested into building something on the EOS platform. 

Half of our participants declared themselves as entrepreneurs, a good statistic thinking this is the time where we need players to nurture the growth of the ecosystem for the long term success. A little over the half of these entrepreneurs, are interested in developing some business related to EOS.

According to the survey, the three keys that brought users to the EOS project is mainly its technology, a new kind of upgraded blockchain to its time. The following key with 21% is the economic attractive of the token as an investment. And the third key highlighted on the survey is the follow up to Dan Larimer's work, a hard 12% fan base of BlockOne CTO. 

In the timeline of the project we could say that 60% of the users are very early investors. Users that were part of the 2017 year-long Initial Coin Offering and are engaged with the development and future of the platform. 

EOS Knights was elected as the best dApp currently available on the EOS platform. In summary a popular game base on fight between users gambling EOS rewards. Congratulations on becoming a community favorite. 


Interesting enough, only 81% of the participants declared they have voted for the EOS Block Producer candidates, with a 14% that said they don't even know how to vote, this last group we could identify is in its majority Spanish-speaking new users. Only half of the total participants of the survey have cast their 30 votes for BPs. 

Now to the spicy questions, there's almost a 30% gridlock between the users that would like the user to be able to cast more than 30 votes and those who opposed it, but there is also a 33% undecided on the topic, the chances are open for this kind of proposals. 

The majority of the participants seems to be familiar with the current interim EOS Constitution, only 30% said that has never read it. Which is even more interesting is that 82%  declared to be in favor to vote for a change or update to the Constitution. 

Worker Proposals seems to be so far that is no surprise that only 58% of users know about them and goes down to only 55% which say they would actively participate in voting a proposal. 

Around 69% of users are aware of the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF), but a little 10% of them identified the acronym ECAF as a some sort of EOS finance center. Only 11% of the participants declared to ever submitted a claim to the ECAF, but about 77% of the total participantes of the survey show to be in favor on voting a change for the role of ECAF on the EOS blockchain. 

Even though only 61% of the users said that have read the Resource Exchange (REX) proposal, a vast majority of 85% totally vouched for the implementation of it to the EOS chain. Same effect and numbers happened when asked about the Universal Resource Inheritance (URI) proposal, only 60% have read it but is the total 77% that are in favor of its implementation. 

We hope these insights end up helping the community and the parties involved in the future of the EOS ecosystem and its flourishment. Thank you all for your collaboration! 

EOS Venezuela Block Producers

- Let the blockchain build our future - 



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