Code of Conduct - EOS Venezuela

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EOS Venezuela as a Block Producer and all the members of our organization are obliged to follow the Code of Conduct outlined below:

  • EOS Venezuela's main goal is to promote Blockchain and Crypto adoption through the use of EOS. We shall achieve this goal in an honest, transparent and non violent manner.
  • We shall obey the EOS Constitution and shall enforce it when a member of the community infringes it.
  • EOS Venezuela is a community based Block Producer, we are not a private company and we don't seek profits. Any surplus generated by the BP will be invested in Community Building and EOS Tech Promotion.
  • EOS Venezuela is an independent Block Producer. It is not owned, managed or directed by another private organization. 
  • The code and Dapps generated by the Block Producer will be published as Open Software and free to use under the General Public Lincence v3.0 Agreement.
  • EOS Venezuela commits to having a transparency budget system, our expenses will be public for the whole community to track and audit.


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