Making It Right: Giving Back To The Token Holders Effected By Scams

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Giving Back

There has been a lot of confusion and negativity recently around ECAF and the process for governance. We ask that token holders are patient, as many of these systems are being simplified, refined or done away with as we speak and when the dust settles, we will be stronger for the effort.

During this time of uncertainty it is important for the EOS community to not lose it's culture. We have accomplished some amazing things together over the last year, and we shouldn't let the turmoil upend all the hard work we've done up till this point.

A Message To The Token Holders Affected By Scams

We can understand the pain and grief that comes with getting your property stolen. To address the current frozen accounts, things seem slow moving right now, but do not worry - the foundations are being poured for a better way to handle these problems in the near future.

The efforts of other BPs up until this point to help those affected by scams was relentless and should be praised. Such as the EOS911 group by @eos42. To be frank, everyone has been between a rock and a hard place since the mainnet launch. Many involved in these have done the best they can to make things right with the time and resources they had.

The Valor Genesis Fund

EOS Tribe is taking the initiative to make these token holders whole, and invite all to help, especially BPs. We are launching the Valor Genesis Fund for those token holders that are in limbo waiting for more information while the system for dealing with this is being put in place.

Why Create a Victims Fund?

Steve Floyd, the co-founder of EOS Tribe has mentioned this solution since the issue at hand happened, June 17th 2018, see the following video interviews...

1. Steve Floyd and Richard Heart on EOS, Bitcoin, altcoins, icos, ethereum and more

2. EOS Accounts Hacked - How Was It Fixed?

After not getting any feedback about this suggestion, we thought it must not have been the right answer. We were wrong. It was precisely the right answer according to @dan


Let’s clear up some of this FUD and show the world what EOS is all about! The responsibility of being a thoughtful BP is community service. We believe this should have been the first step, not the last, but here we are.

We believe taking action for the affected token holders that can prove evidence in the ECAF forums is the only option as a community we have at this point to make them whole.

Token holders deserve what belongs to them. It was one of the main value propositions the platform was built on. We ask that everyone help as much as they can to get the word out about this initiative while ECAF, governance, and related issues are being sorted out.

Bring The Culture Back

Everyone is invited to participate in whatever way they can, and little by little, we will then reach the goal! Also remember that anyone can be prone to these kind of attacks, and that if it were you in their shoes, you would want to be made whole as well.

How Do You Get Involved?

We are working behind the scenes to put the wallet and collection of funds in the hands of the appropriate organization within the EOS ecosystem. Look for an update soon on the next steps. Until then, help us get the word out about this initiative and comment below on how you think this should work.

Something like this has to be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail and we will need the best and brightest from our community to execute it correctly.

Our next goal is to search the EOS Blockchain for the data and have that assessed by a trusted third party.

The Next Update: Restoring Faith in EOS: Valor Genesis Fund Phase One Update


If you want to help, leave a comment below, then join this Valor Genesis Fundraiser Contributors on Telegram to learn the latest details on this initiative.

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Big positive effect will be produced by this! It will have the right kind of profound acceptance and recognition in mainstream to bring about rapid uptake of EOS. I'm in definite support for this. It benefits the whole community. Where to send our EOS token to?

Wait until the appropriate custodians of the project come out with the next steps. Do not trust anyone saying they are part of this initiative until @eostribe puts out another statement on this fund raiser.

Yes, that's an important safety message - don't send any voluntary support contribution until EOSTribe endorses!! Great initiative. Important for building the right community :) It's these sorts of actions that will attract more people for the right reasons to EOS tech. Kudos EOSTribe!

Whoa! A pic of my telegram message! I feel like I'm part of history now. Let's figure this out. I'll pledge 10 EOS to this now!

You are a part of EOS history, we thank you! And give a shout out to @raleighfelton for capturing this moment, to assure us all, it was time to go through with this idea.

You guys are awesome! you guys have my vote. EOSstore need to go and zbeos111111 has not way to contact them as well so I will not be voting for them ever

Thank you for your support and kindness. :-)

You’re all worth your weight in EOS - keeping the spirit of the community alive

I sincerely appreciate the effort here and it really means a lot!
I have nothing but gratitude for the good people in this world.

Thank you! EOS is full of great people, the community is truly inspiring.

Eos....the dissapointment continues.

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