KIBISIS Wallet adds support for Meet.One chain

in #eos4 years ago

We are pleased to announce that Kibisis wallet now support Meet.One sidechain accounts.

You can now import your Meet.One account into your Kibisis wallet along with your EOS, BOS, Worbli or Telos accounts.

Kibisis wallet is designed to provide simple intuitive interface in native iPhone application to provide all core account management functionality:

Viewing resource usage levels for account
Staking and Unstaking for CPU and Network
Buying additional RAM if needed.
Transfer coins to another account
Voting for Block Producers
History of transactions
View token balances
Lease EOS on Chintai platform.

Kibisis wallet is available in eight languages on your App Store:
English | Chinese | Korean | Japanese | German | Spanish | Russian | French

More information available here:

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