Introducing new History find_actions endpoint

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We have received multiple requests to implement ability to do free text search in content/memo of actions across EOS History.

We are pleased to announce that we have built, tested and deployed a new History endpoint which allows user to search for actions in EOS Blockchain by date range and free text term.


curl -d '{"data":"BlockOne", "from_date": "2019-01-27" ,"to_date":"2019-01-27"}' -X POST

Would return a number of transactions that took place on 2019-01-27 with a sub-string of "BlockOne" in it's memo.

Alternatively user could use last param to specify last days: 2d, hours: 12h, etc:

curl -d '{"data":"BlockOne", "last":"2d"}' -X POST

Alternatively you could simply make call without date range:

curl -d '{"data":"BlockOne" }' -X POST

In which case the last 1000 of records are returned.

All response is capped to 1000 records max for endpoint performance.

The applications for this new endpoint are many and we hope community will find this new endpoint useful.

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