Goodbye EOS Tribe...

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By @sf2

It's been an interesting year.

When I set out on this adventure last January, I had no idea where it would take me.

I just jumped in head first and put all my heart into it like everything I do.

If you would have told me 10 months ago this journey would take me on a 5-6 month long, non-stop international trip spanning six continents, I probably wouldn't have believed you, but I would have been up for the challenge all the same.

If you told me my design, ideas and contributions would be heard across the world, translated and shared to millions of eyeballs, I would have shrugged it off.

If you told me my name was in the genesis block of EOS for my contributions to the community, I would have thought you were crazy.

If you would have told me I would build lifelong friendships with some of the smartest people in blockchain from all over the world, I might have dismissed it as a one in a million possibility, but dismissed it all the same.

If you would have told me I was going to be joining the @bitspace team and end up the Chief of Product for Bitgate, I definitely wouldn't have believed you.

And... if you told me I would be leaving the brand I helped build, I definitely would have laughed in jest and told you it would never happen.

But today, all of these things have and are happening.

I am both sad and happier than I have ever been.

Walking away from things you pour your heart into are always hard, but when you have a big heart there are always other glasses to fill.

Why, Exactly Am I Leaving EOS Tribe?

There have been many rumors in China and abroad of a split between @eluzgin and myself and that we weren't getting along as well as all manner of variants of this kind of rumor, and many will claim to have the inside scoop but let me say it here now - they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about and are using this opportunity to spread doubt around EOS Tribe.

In the spirit of full transparency, let me dispel all of those rumors and put it out there for everyone right now.

The reason I am leaving is...


Plain and simple.

The numbers didn't add up.

Falling token price, our overall position in the rankings and other things related to the market put a lot of pressure on both of us.

The Gory Details

After crunching the numbers every way we could, we had a plan to push through another 8-12 months, but it would have been miserable for our families who have already both sacrificed a lot this year.

We were faced with some tough decisions.

We had to either shut down our current infrastructure to the bare minimum and both start freelancing, or we had to sell some of the company.

Eugene did offer to give me the EOS Tribe brand to move forward however I saw fit and exit the same way I am doing now.

I had a potential partner, but the lack of dedicated technical operations was a major concern, and I did not want to move forward without full confidence that our infrastructure would continue to operate at the level we were known for.

An Agreement Is Made

Block Production is a highly technical and specialized business. Without a technical founder, you really don't have much of a BP operation.

A friend from the tech industry Eugene has worked with in the past who has deep experience scaling companies and the capital to do so offered to buy my piece and cover operational costs.

At the exact same time I had several serious job offers. One of those was Bitgate, who also runs a BP candidacy on EOS, @bitspace.

If I was running EOS Tribe, it would be wrong for me to be so closely associated with their network, sharing information and resources and splitting my time between EOS Tribe and Bitgate.

After some discussion and working out the details we came to an agreement that made sense for both of us and I decided to sell my part of the BP operation to Eugene.

At 4:21pm CST December 3rd 2018 I signed the paperwork that effectively relinquished my shares and stake in EOS Tribe.

It is with a heavy heart that I say this post will be my very last on this channel.

The Future

Many from the community have reached out as if I am somehow leaving EOS, or will not be active anymore in the community.

Anyone that knows me and knows how I have bled for this network knows I am not going anywhere.

Quite to the contrary.

I will continue to help build the network and connect people like I always have, nothing will change.

I might be a little less caught up with the BP politics now, but that's about it (and that's probably a good thing).

There are bigger adventures and challenges ahead with Bitgate in 2019 that will introduce me to the larger crypto-sphere, across all major projects and ecosystems, not just EOS.

It was time for me to level up.

So I did.

What Will Happen to EOS Tribe Without You?

It will move forward. Eugene is more than capable of running the infrastructure. His new team will be announced within 24 hours of this post, so don't fret or worry about EOS Tribe operations. Things will move along as good or better than they were before, I have no doubt.

Where Can You Connect With Me?

Here are a few channels you can reach me through moving forward:

Steemit: @sf2
Medium: Medium
Telegram: @eosdallas
Twitter: @stevefloyds

Special Thanks

I couldn't leave without saying thank you to all the amazing people that made Tribe what it has been up until this point...


Just like me, you can't help but pour your heart into anything you believe in deeply. It's the only way you do things and I love you for it. If people only knew the personal sacrifices you made for this community, and for EOS Tribe, they would look at you completely different. You are selfless, kind, nurturing, hopeful and committed like no other women I have ever met. As many in the community know, you are a bright, bright star in the EOS ecosystem that will no doubt continue to shape and influence the heart of the EOS community.


Your design, humor and good nature were the foundation of Tribe culture. You are a shining example of the quality of character and skills that can be found in the EOS community. For some reason you followed me on this crazy journey 8 months back and I am glad you did. I consider you a friend and someone I can trust to tell how things really are (even if your teeth are grinding the whole time, lol).


While in your final year in College, for some crazy reason you got involved in a BP operation. From coordinating Chinese communication, promotions, attending the WyoHackathon and SF Hackathons with us and countless other things you have helped the core team with over the last year, know that I genuinely appreciate all your help.

To all of you leaving the Tribe team with me realize that this is just the beginning of a bigger journey we are all on.

Now is the time to build.

Community Shoutouts

I could not do this post without mentioning a few people that I love and respect in the EOS community and who have given me insights that I will take with me the rest of my life.


Roman & Sudip from @CryptoLions
Two of my favorite people in EOS because they are genuine and their intentions are open. I look forward to building with you guys next year!


I have always considered @eosdetroit one of the most underrated BP operations in the entire EOS ecosystem. People really don't understand the heart, passion and drive that is coming out of the team in Detroit. @robrigo has assembled more than a team, he has created a true grassroots movement. As I post this, they have just come into the paid range for a standby node. I will always have EOS Detroits back for the hospitality and friendship they have shown me along this journey.


I first met Han in San Francisco at Tulip. Within the very first conversation I had with Han, I got a glimpse into Korean culture. It was at the EOS Community conference in Seoul that I got to see what a great team Santosh and Han are as people, professionals and saw first hand the value that they bring to the EOS ecosystem. They are connectors who have done more to connect east and west behind the scenes than any other group claiming to do the same.


Without a doubt this network wouldn't be where it is without this mans work and sacrifice. Take my entire story and amplify it by 1000 and you might get a small glimpse into the rollercoaster this man has been on this year with Scatter. If there is anything I can do to help you, let me know (I know you would never ask, but know I will if you ever really need it).


David Packham, Charles, Andrew, Michael, Phil and the whole 42 camp are the gold standard for EOS Mainnet BPs. They have stood on principle and delivered on their word in the face of adversity again and again. There is no better Block Producer operation on the mainnet the way I see it. No one has done what their team has, from Chintai, to challenging the corruption and non-compliance, to some of the biggest Meetups in the entire ecosystem. They did it the right way - with no compromise, sticking to their guns every step of the way. It was a privilege working with you all and I look forward to even bigger projects in the years to come.


ShellEOSphere and rossco99 of EOSphere have always been some of the nicest, supportive and kind people I've met in the entire ecosystem. They are a true independent, mom & pop (literally) BP operation. Their team cares about EOS and is committed to growing the network as much as any of the top 21. I hope to see you all at many more events in 2019!


Shariff and Sam work tirelessly to build and keep the EOS community together in ways people seldom see. They are the quite, kind and humble servants connecting people and ideas and never asking for credit. EOS Dublin deserves far more votes than they receive and all token holders and proxies would do the network a service by including them in their next voting round. I love you guys and will be seeing you soon across the pond!


I have to say a special thanks in this post to @clains and Manuel for all the love and support. Joining the team felt like family, and I knew it was the right place to be. Your vision and contributions to the larger DPOS ecosystems (Bitshares, Steemit & EOS) are way undervalued. I am going to make it my personal mission that everyone involved in blockchain knows that history and is aware of the @bitgatex / @bitspace team, it's products and related businesses.


Little known fact: Brandon Hughes was almost a partner in EOS Tribe when we were first forming the company. The numbers didn't add up and for similar reasons that I am leaving Tribe, we went our separate ways. We continued our friendship though and went on to grow the EOS Denver community and collaborated on several great events (Conexus & Proof of Steak Dinner). You are a genuine person with a heart of gold Brandon, and I am proud to call you a friend.


Yves LaRose, Daniel Keyes & DenisCarriere of EOS Nation are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. How can you spend as much time as I have working on community projects, attending events, etc... with these people and not grow some kind of bond or relationship. Although our approaches differ and we don't always agree on everything that goes on in the ecosystem, we can always find a way to respect each other within that, be kind, genuine and try to better understand each others perspectives. This is the very core of what DPOS is about. I learned about "Coopretition" working alongside the Nation team the last 8-9 months on various projects, and it was a pleasure. I hope to see you all at many more events in the future and am sure Nation will be a pillar in the EOS community for many years to come.


We don't always agree or see eye to eye, but I love you brother all the same. Your contributions to the ecosystem are respected and undervalued. Keep doing what you do, even if everyone tells you you are crazy. You will probably prove them wrong when enough time passes.

Final Thoughts

To all of you who are worried about the future of crypto or EOS, stop it! Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies / digital assets aren't going anywhere.

We are all very early in an industry still finding it's way.

I have been around long enough to see a few technology cycles, and all you need to understand is that we just came off a huge wave.

Now that the waves have died down, don't think that they will never come back in.

There will be many other waves.

I can't say when it will come back, but just know that it will, and probably sooner than you think.

Just keep paddling and pace yourself for the next big one.

I can tell you when the next major wave breaks, I plan to be at the front of it.

Hope to see you there.


You can view some highlight pictures from my travels this year here.

Website | Medium | Github | Telegram | FB | Twitter | Discord


Congrats on the new gig. I look forward to seeing the next wave you ride. I have learned so much about the EOS community and the Tech because of you. I appreciate the respect and confidence you had in me to bring me on and to see that EOS needs the best design if we want mass adoption. I am proud to call you a friend, mentor, homie, etc... In the meantime you know if you need me for anythings as well, I am here.

I also look forward to seeing EOS Tribe and Eugene still securing the network and bringing value to the system.

On to new and bigger adventures!

Greater futures ahead....... BTW Your Twitter link is taking me to your telegram. Please cross check....

Welcome to the BitSpace family, @sf2!

Thank you.

image.png hey there!

Good luck! 👊😊👍

Congratulations @sf2!
What you did in 2018 for the EOS community is quite remarkable and unifying. From Meetups, Tulip, EOS Rise, and so on, you set the bar high and I believe it worked perfectly. Thank you for bringing me into the EOS community, a community full of resilience, talent, and heart. My life has never been the same since you showed me blockchain technology and Steemit, I am very Grateful.

I am certain what is to come will be even more Epic.

I wish to share this here -

Well done Geronimo, well done.

Good luck, Steve! Can't wait to see what you and the BitSpace guys build together.

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