Easy New Account Creation Process for EOS, BOS, Telos and Meet.One

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EOS Tribe presents New Account form that simplifies creating new accounts on 4 chains:

Link: https://eostribe.io/newaccount/index.html

Since we launched this process early in July - so far we have created over 36K new accounts:

  • EOS - 7
  • BOS - 10840
  • TELOS - 12932
  • Meet.One - 12224

We have lowered EOS account creation cost to $3.5 to finance buying RAM and minimal staking for Net and CPU.
We will continue to monitor EOS account creation stats and search for alternative strategies acceptable by users without us breaking the bank.

Process description:

We have combined in one process generation of different owner and active private keys and creating sidechain accounts in addition to main EOS account:

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 5.07.13 AM.png
Needless to say private key is never transmitted to our servers and is disposed of after user backs it up and moves to the next step.

Currently new account process supports 4 chains - EOS, BOS, TLOS and Meet.One accounts:

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 5.01.07 AM.png

Main EOS account creation is funded by the user using PayPal payment, which is set currently at $3.5 to help us cover the cost of account creation:
Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 5.05.32 AM.png

All sidechain accounts are currently offered for FREE and are fully sponsored by EOS Tribe.

Optional email notifications are available for each account created.

All requests are queued by our system and are usually processed and confirmed in 10 mins after submission of PayPal payment for EOS account and immediately for sidechain accounts.

Additionally latest Kibisis wallet support QR code scanner for private key import for the new accounts.
Check it out at https://kibisis.ch/ as well as on your App Store.

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Great stuff you guys nice one! I like the way you can create just free accounts by un checking the EOS tick box too, thats great. The more free account creation tools we can create the sooner we'll get to mass adoption.

We were talking about the use of the phrase sidechain and were of the opionion that Telos, Worbli etc are sister chains and side chains would technically be an additional chain on the same blockchain. i.e. using the same native token as its mainnet.

It will probably be easier for the rest of the world if we all use the same terminology so just thought I would pop that here to help people understand the way the different chains all fit together.

Keep up the great work. Oh PS there is no clickable link in that article so here is one https://eostribe.io/newaccount/index.html

Thank you and good catch on a link. Will include it in a post as well!

Thank you and good catch
On a link. Will include it
In a post as well!

                 - eostribe

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