EOS Tribe + EOS USA launch Spectrumeos.io

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EOS Tribe and EOS USA launches https://spectrumeos.io

as a main hub for Spectrum API documentation.

Spectrum API is open source: https://github.com/EOSTribe/websocket-endpoint

Available Spectrum endpoints at the time of this post:

Telos: wss://telos.spectrumeos.io/streaming [Online]
Worbli: wss://worbli.spectrumeos.io/streaming [Online]
Lynx: wss://lynx.spectrumeos.io/streaming [Online]
WAX: wss://wax.spectrumeos.io/streaming [Online]
EOS: wss://eos.spectrumeos.io/streaming [Syncing]
BOS: wss://bos.spectrumeos.io/streaming [Coming soon]

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