EOS Tribe + EOS USA are bringing Spectrum API + Full History API to EOS

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EOS Tribe is partnering with EOS USA to bring back new Spectrum API and Full History REST API back to EOS community in order to provide diversity for dApps relying on such services.


  • Full History API - is fully reimplemented version of standard /v1/history API endpoints using async Java REST services running on top of Elasticsearch cluster.

We are currently synchronizing and preparing those API nodes and expect them to become available some time in December 2019.


Given the fact that both EOS Tribe and EOS USA are unpaid Block Producers on EOS chain and it costs to run sufficient server infrastructure to provide scalable API services, we will have to provide those services at reasonable subscription cost for commercial dApps, while still enabling free access for community projects like block explorers, etc.

Please help to support Block Producers who provide critical infrastructure services to the EOS community by casting your vote for EOS Tribe and EOS USA teams!


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