EOS Tribe announces TRIBE Wallet launch

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TRIBE Wallet is an advanced wallet with support for EOS, WAX, Telos, BOS and Meet.One blockchains that supports all the common actions for EOSIO accounts.
TRIBE Wallet provides free FIO addresses to its first users.
TRIBE Wallet provides free FIO addresses to its first users. More about FIO addresses: https://fioprotocol.io/
FIO address is similar to an email ([email protected]). Once registered you can link all yours crypto accounts and addresses to a single FIO name and use it to send and request payments from others.
TRIBE Wallet also provides conversion of coins between your imported accounts via Newdex integration.
Needless to say your private keys never leave your phone and are protected with a pin.

Key features:

  • Import multiple EOSIO accounts;
  • Create free FIO addresses like [email protected];
  • Create Algorand accounts
  • Send and receive EOS, Telos, WAX, BOS, Meet.One, Algo tokens;
  • Have full view to your account resource utilization;
  • Manage your resources - stake/unstake tokens;
  • Voting for BPs;
  • Private key is kept on your phone;
  • Backup / delegate encrypted private keys for future recovery.

Available on App Store and Play Store:

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