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Introducing new options to History get_actions endpoint supported by api.eostribe.io :

1. Actions in the last # of days for given account name:

curl -d '{"account_name":"{accountname}", "last_days": 7}' -X POST https://api.eostribe.io/v1/history/get_actions

2. Actions in the given date range by UTC start and end times:

curl -d '{"account_name":"{accountname}", "from_date": 1541545834, "to_date": 1541545837}' -X POST https://api.eostribe.io/v1/history/get_actions

We also support get_transaction and get_key_accounts in our open source History API based on Elasticsearch cluster:

We are running 3 node Elasticsearch cluster that is fully synced with the EOS Blockchain:
EOS Tribe Infrastructure V4.png

The new History api is available on our standard API server: api.eostribe.io

You can see more info on hardware specs and Data Center we use in our original post:

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