Dawn 4.0 - May The Source Be With You [FREE Vector Icon Set]

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Today marks a significant milestone for the EOS ecosystem!

After almost a year of tireless work by Dan, Bart, Thomas, Brenden, Dave and the whole Block One team to provide the global community with one of the most scalable open source blockchain platforms ever released, Dawn 4.0 is just a week (or so) away.

In celebration of the feature announcement today by Dan (May the 4th) on this very special day to nerds, geeks and sci-fi buffs the world over, EOS Tribe is releasing a vector icon pack to commemorate it.

Also, we just love Star Wars and like to give stuff away to the EOS ecosystem.


Download the icon pack below...

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nice work! Upvoted here and on Reddit (+comment). Well done.

Thanks so much Ash! With @eluzgin cranking out so much technical content, I don't get much opportunity to do a lot of content like this.

I appreciate the upvote and engagement!

LOL - Love it!
May the Forth Be With You My Friend.

Thanks man!

EOS - The countdown is real! Soon guys soon we will see it live!

"one of the most scalable open source blockchain platforms "
This needs a fix.
The most scalable blockchain ever created

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