The EOS Tribe #WyoHackathon Challenge

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The University of Wyoming in cooperation with some of the most influential players working on regulation here in the US are doing a hackathon and we couldn't be more excited to join in the effort.

So, next week we are headed to Wyoming, where EOS Tribe is headquartered, to sponsor and participate in September 7th-9th.

To help push innovation and visibility for EOS as a viable blockchain protocol to build on, we are putting together a challenge for the event.

The History

Why in the heck are we going all the way to Wyoming for a hackathon? To those who haven't been paying attention, Wyoming has been establishing a framework of laws for blockchain companies like EOS Tribe to operate with regulatory clarity.

As many of us in the industry know, there are a lot of grey areas in our current regulatory climate in the US in regards to crypto. Wyoming is being dubbed as the "Crypto Valley" of the United States for it's forward thinking legislation that has provided much needed legal clarity, so companies just like EOS Tribe can get to the business of innovation here in the states.

People like Caitlin Long, co-founder, Chairman & President of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition and others have been leading the charge to establish a legal climate where blockchain innovation can thrive here in the United States.

The Problem

In order for EOS to be a successful and widely used blockchain, there needs to be an easy on-boarding process for bringing in new users and creating new accounts.

EOS Tribe aims to develop a simple and easy process that brings new users into the world of EOS from the old world of fiat.

Every new EOS user needs a new account and currently, a creator account is required to create a new account and seed it with minimal staked EOS for the account to become operational.

However, the current process is too technical and involved for most new users.

The Challenge

EOS Tribe will sponsor a team that can build a completely secure web application for creating a new user account on EOS and paying for necessary expenses with Fiat (PayPal) and/or credit card processing.

EOS Tribe will also provide architectural guidance and the creator fund EOS account necessary for creating new EOS accounts as well as a API endpoint and server infrastructure to host the application.


  • A front-end web form where the user can either generate EOS key pair or enter pre-generated keys (private key is never sent over the wire and discarded promptly after user backs it up).
  • Enter 12 characters long account name, validate that account name is available.
  • Collect user email address as well for order notifications.
  • After submitting account name and public key - the user is taken into payment screen.
  • The amount will be pre-calculated based on EOS price and minimum amount staked for resources.
  • After successful payment is made - the order is queued in a database and executed by a backend process to create the new account.
  • After successful completion - an email notification is dispatched to the user notifying them of account creation.
  • In case of error - an email notification is also sent to [email protected] to look into the issue.
  • Should the EOS creator fund account run out of EOS funds for the new account creation - the application should display an appropriate message on the new account form and stop accepting new account applications until creator account is funded again.

Judging Criteria

  • And end to end working ordering system in production, which accepts PayPal (or CC) payments and creates new accounts.
  • Overall security of the system and the consistent use of security best practices and input validation.
  • Readability of the source code.


We are offering $2000 USD to the first entrant who can meet the project requirements and provide a working MVP by the 11am cut off point on Sunday September 9th, 2018.

Submit Your Entry

All entries will need to be submitted no later than 10am Sunday September 9th, 2018. Please complete this form no at least one hour prior to the deadline so we have time to review your entry.

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