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EOS Titan website


EOS Titan is a consortium of companies involved in software development, telecommunications, encryption and blockchain technologies. Our team is composed of early adopters of cryptocurrencies who share the ethos of the ecosystem and are looking forward to bring the industry one step further towards the goal of massively decentralized governance and financial structures.

As a block producer candidate, our priorities are to secure the EOS blockchain, ensure the network operates in a resilient, reliable and efficient manner, and to scale it responsibly while maintaining adequate decentralized segregation of roles and responsibilities. Our team is self-funded, giving us the ability to move quickly and independently from external influence.

With offices in Montreal, Canada and Sofia, Bulgaria, the consortium of companies behind EOS Titan regroups 60+ software developers, engineers and IT professionals, has extensive experience with blockchain technologies, building enterprise software and hardware solutions, and with large scale secure delivery of content over a variety of transport mechanisms and hardware.

Our vision for the EOS network is to establish the de facto standard collaborative platform for the execution of smart-contracts, while maintaining a rigorous independence from state-controlled and corporate interests. We value privacy, censorship-resistance, antifragility and free markets ideological tenets, and our decisions are guided by these principles.

As the EOS ecosystem matures, we intend to join our efforts to those of the EOS developers and community to help build open-source scaling, load-balancing and censorship-resistance solutions for block producers, DApps and nodes servicing EOS blockchain(s).

In addition, we intend to develop a decentralized, secure streaming content delivery infrastructure and marketplace running over the EOS network, to help in the continuous battle to preserve freedom of speech and privacy over Internet. As EOS is the first blockchain platform to enable such an ambitious project, we stand fully committed to its success and we believe our election as block producer will strengthen the network tremendously.


EOS Titan’s main block producer node hardware configuration is a self-hosted SuperMicro rack configured with four(4) dedicated SBI-7127R-SH processor blades, deployed in our datacenter in Sofia, Bulgaria (full fiber optic coverage over the country), over a dedicated 1 Gbps upstream and downstream connection to begin with. As the network requirements for bandwidth increase, we can easily increase our bandwidth to up to 40 Gbps.

For more information about our infrastructure

If elected as block producer, we will also be deploying a mirror configuration of our block producer node in Montreal, Canada, for failover and redundancy. In addition, we will deploy 4 additional public-facing, cloud-based instances running full nodes in distinct geographic locations, for additional rapid dissemination of EOS blockchain data and peer discovery.

We operate state-of-the-art 24/7 network and load monitoring tools and our infrastructure is built for maximum uptime and reliability. We also have very easy horizontal and vertical scaling pathways and can rapidly upgrade existing nodes or deploy additional hardware, as well as dedicate additional bandwidth as the network load increases.

As we operate our own Internet Service Provider (ARIN ASN Number 55172) and are part of a Border Gateway Protocol routing network with other ISPs, our infrastructure is extremely robust against DDOS and other types of attacks, and has been extensively battle-hardened, reliably delivering large volumes of high-speed encrypted streaming data to our users worldwide, for more than a decade.


Community Superhero Testnetctestnet.eostitan.com
Producer Namegambit
HTTP Port8899
P2P Port9876
Private EOS Titan Testnetptestnet.eostitan.com
Producer Nameeosio
HTTP Port8899
P2P Port9876


EOS Titan is committed to providing reliable and secure block production, and scaling infrastructure required by the EOS network at every stage of its growth. Each member of our team contributed significant resources toward the EOS distribution and our interests are aligned with those of the community to support the growth and well being of the EOS ecosystem.

Our plan is to reinvest block rewards in improving our block production infrastructure, and to finance the development of an open-source EOS based software / smart-contract platform to allow the transfer of high quality, secure streaming content, as well as various scaling tools for block producers, Dapps and nodes.

We also support self-regulating, voluntary initiatives over state-enforced regulation, and will consider funding non-profit organisations that would submit useful, voluntary standards and work proposals for the community to implement and abide by, that promote responsible, fair and transparent usage of the network while mitigating the abuse of incentive mechanisms.

Additional initiatives we are in favor of include decentralized exchanges and real-world assets tokenization, especially for the global trading of natural resources and commodities, as well as supply chain tracking and audit platforms to improve transparency in global commerce on an opt-in basis. We believe that the EOS architecture is perfectly suited for these projects, and that these initiatives will help usher a new era of international commerce, removed from the undue influence of state-controlled and corporate interests. We would thus consider financing and participating in such initiatives as well.

Examples of individuals and organisations pledging votes to politicians in exchange of subsidies and public funding are legion in all democracies, and we see this as a risk for networks such as EOS as well. Thus, our position with regards to block producers pledging tokens reinvestment towards unspecified, yet to-be-determined projects that are not properly qualified and identified is tantamount to vote buying, considering that no mechanism exist to reliably prevent collusion and influence trafficking.

While we do not see any inherent problem with vote buying per se, we would like to warn the community against block producer candidates wrapping themselves in the mantle of righteousness, while providing no clarity on their intentions beforehand.



Guillaume Babin-Tremblay

Software Architecture

Guillaume is a serial entrepreneur and software developer with over 18 years of experience in quantitative finance, algorithmic trading, machine learning and engineering software. Over the course of his career, he has provided software development and trading automation consulting services to several well-known financial firms including Merrill Lynch (now part of Bank of America), Think or Swim (now part of TD Ameritrade) and Royal Bank of Scotland.

As an early adopter and fervent advocate of cryptocurrencies since 2011, Guillaume’s involvement with DPOS blockchain architectures dates back from his participation in the crowdfunding and launch of the BitShares network starting in 2013. The same year, Guillaume co-founded the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy, the first physical cryptocurrencies hub worldwide focused on regulatory outreach, public education and community engagement. He served as its executive director until 2015 before co-founding CryptoMechanics, a software / hardware solutions provider offering blockchain-enabled IoT integration for industrial applications in the construction, mining, metals and energy sectors.


Shaq Kheder

System Administration and Deployment

Shaq Kheder holds a computer engineering degree from McGill University, with 15 years experience in IT, linux/unix servers, cloud computing, security, software and hardware development, deployment and integration.

Focused on building large scale software and hardware engineering projects, he led the efforts to rewrite the world’s leading concrete quality control, production analysis and engineering software, which was acquired in 2017 by GCP Applied Technologies, a publicly-traded company on NYSE.

Shaq leads a team responsible for the engineering and the construction of smart IoT-enabled and automated hydrometallurgical plants, deployed for the recovery and refining of precious metals.

Shaq is a long-standing member of the Montreal cryptocurrency community since 2013 and seeks to expand the usage of blockchain technologies to real-world applications, especially in the precious metals and commodities sector.


Dominic Gingras

Infrastructure and Security

With over 2 decades of experience scaling large data distribution networks, and providing telecommunications, encryption and IT security platforms to institutional clients, Dominic founded and is CEO of Secure Group since 2005. Secure Group is a company specialized in encrypted mobile solutions and a leading provider of encrypted mobile phones.

Since 2009, Dominic is also co-founder and CTO of EDA Technologies, a registered ISP and cloud hosting and storage provider, providing large-scale data solutions and strategic consulting to large clients worldwide.

As part of his involvement in safeguarding privacy and freedom of speech through technology, Dominic has been active in the cryptocurrency space since 2013.


Vincent Hallée

Operations and Project Management

Vincent served in the Canadian Armed Forces from 1998 to 2015. As a member of the Royal 22nd Canadian infantry regiment, he has been deployed overseas 3 times, in Bosnia (2001-2002) and in Kandahar, Afghanistan (2006-2007, 2011). Over the course of his military career, he held several leadership positions in operational management and military intelligence.

In 2013, he discovered cryptocurrencies and immediately understood the future impact of the decentralization of money & organisations on the world major institutions and the consequences on the global power structure. Since then, he became a self-taught software developer, and acquired an in-depth understanding of the crypto market and technology landscape. He has since been part of numerous initiatives to further innovation through decentralization.


Elisabeth Préfontaine, MBA, CFA

External Relations and Communications

Elisabeth is a seasoned finance professional with over 20 years of Banking, Capital Markets and Investments distribution experience. She is the former Head of Wealth Sales for BlackRock Canada. Back in the 1990’s, Elisabeth was involved in the first era of digitalization of financial services and developed a solid understanding of traditional products such as ETFs, Hedge Funds and Commodities Futures as well as over-the-counter transactional markets.

Actively involved in the financial technology space, Elisabeth leads the Fintech Committee of CFA Montreal and sits on the Fintech committee of AMF (Quebec financial markets regulating agency). As she discovered financial applications of cryptography, she immediately saw the disruptive potential and how the ecosystem can solve problems the traditional finance can’t fix with its legacy infrastructure.



Distributed Systems Expert

Transisto is a well known early cryptocurrency enthusiast, specialized in decentralized systems and distributed computing platforms. With a background in software development and having worked as an IT technician and network administrator for dozens of large tech companies, he combined his passion for chip design, his deep understanding of the dynamics within the global IT infrastructure and his interest in electronics to develop a unique expertise and perspective with regards to decentralized and distributed systems.

Transisto has also been very actively involved within the Steem community, from its earliest days in 2016. As a leading influencer within the Steem ecosystem, he contributed his skills to develop and improve the platform, tackling issues ranging from scaling and governance to UX/UI design and abuse/fraud prevention and mitigation. Transisto is one of the most knowledgeable, long-standing and respected source of expertise in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

EOS Titan Roadmap

As the network mainnet launches, our main priority will be to stabilize the infrastructure and to establish security, redundancy and scaling best practices and guidelines for block production activities within our organization, allowing us to fully leverage our infrastructure and experience in serving content.

We will publish any relevant findings with regards to scaling and security for the community to evaluate and for other block producers to incorporate as part of their operating procedures and policies. We will also provide operational statistics and track key network metrics for the use of the community.

We also already began developing internal tools for indexing, exploring and monitoring EOS blockchains, which we will publish open source under MIT or Apache license for the whole community to use, and which we will also host and operate for the public to use, free of charge. We plan to dedicate most of our resources to these initiatives initially, gradually shifting our focus to building and financing dApps on the EOS network.

As the network stabilizes sometime during Q3 of 2018, we will also begin exploring development and collaboration to EOS dApps projects that will play a role within our other business verticals.

  • Platform and marketplace for decentralized streaming of data
  • Encrypted, authenticated communication and messaging tools
  • Non custodial commodities / futures exchange
  • Supply-chain provenance tracking and auditing

More information on these projects will be released over the upcoming weeks.

Our core values:

  • Free market ideals
  • Freedom of speech & Privacy
  • Industry and community self-regulation

We intend EOS Titan to remain a self-funded, impartial and independent actor in the ecosystem.

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Solid candidature! EOS Nation is looking foward to working with you guys!

We'll vote for you! :)

It might help your case if you advertised that your servers were based in Bulgaria, rather than Canada, which is a more competitive destination.

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