EOS South Africa: Ownership Disclosure

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The blockchain industry is only just emerging and is still changing rapidly as society begins to consider its impact, with the possibility of mass adoption around the corner. This then implies that any vehicle that contains blockchain technology must be ready to grow and change as the industry does. While we accept the changes, we must build on a solid foundation. We place this foundation on trust, relationships as well as a strong legal footing. Our ultimate aim is to make money based on our work, but we will always endeavour to prioritise our values above monetary gain when difficult decisions are called for.

The key to the EOS South Africa structure is simplicity. The purpose of the business is to provide infrastructure to the EOS mainnet and other EOS blockchains of substance as they emerge and evolve, particularly in the African context. The other key objective provide local expertise, and grow the the skill and knowledge base in the regional market.

LR Holdings (Pty) Ltd, the owner of the EOSZA brand, is a proprietary limited company registered in the Republic of South Africa. The shareholding is held by private individuals. Accounting and compliance is handled by a large international firm with strong local presence, and who extend an entrepreneurial mindset to the relationship.

Rory Mapstone 50%
Lucky Fatsilidis 50%

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