EOS South Africa: Code of Conduct

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Our Mission
The mission of EOS South Africa is to add value by providing the EOS community a solid foundation to maintain and support the EOS network and provide attractive decentralised applications platform for developers. EOS South Africa will also provide an alternative decentralisation opportunity due to our location for the EOS network.

Focus points

  • We aim to provide transparency and follow democracy as guided by the community.
  • We aim to maintain the highest standards and security in our environment.
  • We aim to help grow and support the EOS community and blockchain.
  • We aim to have the highest standard of professionalism, integrity and honesty in all that we do.

Commitment to EOS network
We commit to maintain and upgrade our infrastructure as demanded by the growth of the network. We have dedicated servers, network infrastructure and offices to ensure high efficiency and uptime.

EOS Constitution
In order to support the governance in the community we solemnly swear to uphold the EOS constitution.

Abide By All Arbitration Decisions
EOS South Africa and its team members will standby and defend all decisions made by the duly appointed or elected EOS Arbitrators. We will uphold the decisions that are made through Arbitration immediately.

Team Members should be friendly and collaborative. We are willing to reach out to various block producers all over the world and explore various options to improve communication and deliver value to the EOS ecosystem.

We aim to be as transparent as possible as long as security and privacy is not compromised.

Amendments to our Code of Conduct
Amendments to our Code of Conduct will be informed by the community’s will and will be broadcast to community members through all viable communication channels before formal adoption.

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