SimplEOS v0.7.2 – What’s new ?

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Earlier this month we released SimplEOS version 0.7.2

Download SimplEOS on our GitHub or website

.exe for windows
.dmg for mac
.appImage or .deb for linux

Avoid Scammers. Download SimplEOS only from EOS Rio website or Github.

New Features:

  • Referendum Support:

You can now go to the referendum tab and vote on proposals that are happening on the EOS mainnet.

We also implemented a Fuzzy logic search to make it easier to find the proposals you are interested in!

  • Multi-chain support

Besides EOS mainnet, SimplEOS now supports multiple chains like:

  • Worbli
  • BOS Core
  • Telos
  • the EOS Jungle testnet
  • the EOS Kylin testnet

How to change chains:

If you are not logged in yet, just click in the ‘Connected to’ option that appears on the landing page.

If you are already logged in, go to the settings panel (cog on the upper right corner) and change the chain there.

  • Automatically backup your wallet

You can now automatically backup your wallet whenever you open SimplEOS. This will create a backup file that can only be imported back at SimplEOS.

This option is set to default. If you don't want automatic backups, disable this at Settings (cog on the upper right corner) > Automatic Backup

  • View Private key warning (1).png

Lots of users who lost their private keys were asking for this. Don’t worry !!!! Your private keys continue safely encrypted within the app. SimplEOS will only show your private key if you ask for it AND place your password. Oh, and the window will close in 30 seconds!

  • Interact with Smart Contracts (beta)

Search for a contract name or click on your token's contract. This will open a window showing all possible actions for this contract. You will only be able to do the actions that you are authorized.

For example, you can Powerup and Powerdown your KARMA. This action is similar to stake and unstake, only it has this specific function name to KARMA tokens.

This part of the wallet is still in beta and we have big things planned for the future! We hope to improve Contract’s interaction a lot in the next versions. 😉

  • New staking ratio settings

You can now change the staking ratio you want to allocate for NET and CPU. But we only recommend this for advanced users who know how the EOS blockchain resources work.

  • Connection improvements and bug fixes

And, as always, we also worked on connection improvements and bug fixes, as part of our continuous effort to make SimplEOS a friendly wallet.

SimplEOS Roadmap

For the next release, we are working on:

  • Vote through Proxys
    You will be able to delegate your votes to a proxy that will vote for you. This serves for the block producer election and referendum votes.

  • Create Proposals on the Referendum
    On the next version, you will be able to create your own proposals to be voted on EOS mainnet referendum.

  • Dapps interactions improvements

We hope the community likes this update as much as we liked working on it! Please send us feedback, listening to users is the best way of improving our tools :)

Made with 💙 by EOS Rio



great job @eosrio you have been working hard to offer great tools to the community.

@pnc thank you very much for your support 🙏 it's always good to get this feedback from the community <3

I just resteemed your post!

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