SimplEOS new release: now with Stake/Unstaking!

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We just released version 0.5.3 of SimplEOS for MacOS, Windows and Linux!

Version 0.5.3 has the following features:

  • Stake/unstake action - (un)delegatebw
  • Update notifications
  • Improved chain connectivity
  • eosjs update to v15.0.0
  • Added full on-chain action history
  • Minor fixes and improvments
    + all previous features (transfer tokens, contacts lists, voting...)

Staking / unstaking function can be seen on the VOTE page:

Just drag the slider left to set the amount you want to remain staked, all the rest will unstake. Then press set stake and confirm with your password.

image (5).png

image (6).png

After that, the amount and time left to unstake your tokens can be seen in the SEND page:

image (4).png

Next priorities on the roadmap 👍

  • New account creation
  • Airdrops support (see balance and perform transactions)

Quick recap...

What is SimplEOS ?

SimplEOS is a wallet made solely for the EOS ecosystem, aiming to be fully integrated with all features available in the EOS.IO software.

SimplEOS is a desktop app, oriented for users that aren't comfortable using their private keys on web browser applications. All your information is stored locally only on your pc, we don't keep any of your information. Your private key is encrypted at all times on the app.

Our code is open on Github to be audited by the community.


The newest release can always be found on Github:

  • .exe for Windows
  • .dmg for MacOS
  • .AppImage for Linux

You also can Download SimplEOS from our website:

** Only download SimplEOS from EOS Rio's Website or Github. Avoid scams, do not trust any other source.

Help us continue funding this project by voting for us as Block Producers :)

Any doubts or issues please contact us at our telegram group

Website -
[email protected]


@eosrio great wallet! you guys have my vote :)

a couple issues:

  • Ive had the wallet for a few days now worked great...all of a sudden i get a giant error
    "Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, rename.."
    and another error when i exit:
    "Error: No valid update available, cant quit and install..."
    any solutions? (i have most updated wallet)

some suggestions

  • Please include the Version somewhere on the wallet so i know if my version is up to date (or an auto-updater?)

  • when should we start seeing the airdrops on our side bar? or is that upcoming?

Hi @fem-of-war yeah, we just noticed the auto-update is not working well on windows :/ your OS is windows, right ? This is just a minor issue, but we understand that it is not very nice to receive error messages, we apologize for that and are trying to fix it the best we can.

that being said, the new release 0.5.5 is out today \o/ You can download it from our github or website, just download it, install and it will update your current version. It has the version inside as you suggested and it already displays the first airdrop on the EOS mainnet, it was ADD token.

Thank you :)

@eosrio i just noticed this (on version 5.7) there is no way to send my airdrop tokens to someone if i wanted to? Is there plans to allow for transfers of non-EOS coins? Like eosDAC, etc

Yeah, you can't yet! We are working on that! Next releases for sure ;)

ohh ok thanks! yeah i had 5.4.... going to update now!

Great work, the addition of displaying the time left until unstaked tokens hit home is a much needed feature.

Thanks @aclarkuk82, we remember you had requested this feature in the last post :) Thanks for your support!!

I love SimplEOS because it's user friendly oriented. Many people will love the design. Congrat!

Absolutely underrated wallet so far. I hope this will change once more BPs / Block.One audit and verify it!

Great wallet, worked like a charm!

Do I have to stake all my EOS in order to receive Airdrops? The more I stake the more I get? Is that correct?

Airdrop rules are not fixed, this may vary from case to case. Please check with each token that you want to receive.

ill use this wallet then :) did you find an answer to your question?

Quick Question Team!

First off thanks for all that you do.. Love the new update (6.1)

Do you think you will implement a way for us to buy RAM via the wallet?

Thank you. Yes! That is already being implemented! :D

@eosrio Thank you so much guys! Can't thank you enough for creating this wallet. You have saved many of my non technical friends who love EOS! Best of luck on everything you do. Go EOSRIO!

Linux version not work

Error: Cannot find module '/tmp/.mount_simple2bvO4E/resources/electron.asar/browser/init.js'
at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:543:15)
at Function.Module._load (module.js:473:25)
at Function.Module.runMain (module.js:683:10)
at startup (bootstrap_node.js:196:16)
at bootstrap_node.js:622:3

This should be fixed now, try 0.6.2-1

Love having a super sleek AI and easy to use/vote/stake wallet. THANK YOU!

I just made an account but now I can't vote as it says my password is wrong. I just made it, it's not wrong. What do I do?

Please contact us on telegram at for support

hi, I tried the unstake function, and after entering password and clicking the confirm, it's doing nothing for few hours now. What should i do?

Is there any way I can move my EOS from Binance to SIMPLEOS? It won’t allow me to create new account unless I send to someone with EOS wallet “account creation code” to create wallet for me. It’s kind of weird not being able to create new account without someone else being involved. I would love to start voting, but so far I might have to keep it on exchange. Any help here?

Tried exporting my exodus private key to your wallet but my balance didn't show? Also need to resend those keys to the wallet to open it, shouldn't it display my password first? Can you update me on this issue.

Hi @aussienews so very sorry for the late response! Can you talk to us on telegram so we can try to fix your issue ? Your can also talk directly to her: :) or email us at [email protected]

I need to look at EOS now! Haven't yet, though as far as I can understand it, it has a similar blockchain to that of Ethereum, Steem, and so on?

Loving this wallet EOS Rio! Telling all my friends and fam about it. :)

As always guys, I love your work. Just a couple​ more asks if I may :-s

It would be great if there was another menu (tab) on the right that gave an account overview that displayed all resources with total values and percentages used. This will be very useful for those looking to participate in the RAM trading market. @greymas show the percentages but not the totals.

Thanks as always guys.

I'm say ready to create a new acct soon...the wallet isn't ready yet?

Right now we only have the option of importing an already existing private key :) the account creation refers to creating a new name on the blockchain (eos has a 12 char name that's used as your address)

so I created a new key pair can I input those in the wallet????my eos is in openledger sooo no pvt key but made a pair...

Just 3 days to get my tokens after "unstaking" them. Just love EOS. Can't wait to sell this. Wish I never went through MEW registration and kept it on Binance. I would have sold for $20 intead of $9. Also, even when you stake 0%, they still keep 1EOS locked. Is this a "donation" for your wallet or how is that possible?

OK just loaded your wallet yesterday and now today it has connectivity functions. My internet connection is fine as all else works... this is the error message (how do I resolve this please):

Your simple and secure EOS wallet
Couldn't connect to the blockchain, check your internet connection and try again
Advanced Option: you can also try to connect to another endpoint
endpoint should have history api enabled, otherwise some functions on the wallet may not work as expected.

Hey folks, I am using simpleEOS wallet for my holdings and voting... however sometime I can not connect and other times get only a partial list of airdrops. How can this be fixed?

Do you know of any exchange where to buy mainnet EOS? I would like to try the software with a wallet holding a few EOS tokens only... I tried Kraken, but wasn't able to withdraw.

Hi @themonetaryfew, most exchanges will support the EOS mainnet, at least all the biggest ones will, Bitfinex, Binance, Kraken... buy apparently none of them has opened for deposits or withdrawals yet. They should be opening for that in the next days.

I was checking a few exchanges, seems to be the case. Taking in account the community launch EOS had, it makes sense it might take a while for exchanges to feel secure starting mainnet trading.

I downloaded installed no issues sent my coins all went well. Got all the EOS airdrops I should. Just got the IQ drop the other day. Now When i log in all but one airdrop is gone?? Help be get my IQ back?

Hey Eosrio, congrats!
little question: when trying to Sign, when creating a new account to a friend (step 4), i´m asked to write de password, to enable the Ricardian Contract...
when i put the password and try to confirm, it says:
"eosio_assert_message assertion failure"

What can i be doing wrong?

"New account creation" does that mean we will be able to choose our names aswell?

Yes! As long as they have 12 characters

I want to move all of my EOS to another account so I'm trying to unstake all of them first. If move the slider to 0%, it still shows a Value of 1 EOS remaining. Why is that? And if I try to proceed anyway, it gives me an error message, "Transaction exceeded the current CPU usage limit imposed on the transaction". Am I doing something wrong?

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