Lessons learned from EOS Rio hackathon :)

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Over the last week, all eyes from the EOS community were in London. Luckily we had team members participating in the London hackathon and, as they described “it was amazing”! :D

Can you imagine how cool it would be to collaborate with lots of smart people to build blockchain solutions for privacy and data security? Now imagine doing that at the London Science Museum!

Igor and Domi from our team were there and loved it.

But.. while London was happening, there were other EOS activities around the globe…

As an example of that, we collaborated with the blockchain community in Brazil to co-create two events in São Paulo: a hackathon (September 25th & 26th) and a meetup (27th).

The hackathon was co-created with BlockCrypto conference and the meetup with Blockchain Academy — one of Brazil’s most prestigious blockchain learning centers.

EOS Rio hackathon participants working on finals day

By promoting these events we want to grow EOS adoption in Brazil. In our perspective hackathons are a great learning environment and meetups are events to connect and foster the community.

On this post, we’ll focus on the hackathon and we’ll have another one to talk about the meetups :)

The hackathon challenge was to build EOS based solutions to cause positive social or environmental impact.

We understand how hard it is to get started on EOS, and decided to do the hackathon in two phases, online and offline. The online phase had the purpose of giving the participants more time and opportunities to learn about EOS and develop better contracts.

23 teams from all around Brazil participated in the online phase. Mentors held weekly Ask-Me-Anything Zoom sessions and had a telegram group dedicated to mentoring and solving doubts. We knew that collaboration would be key to make things happen.

Online projects were submitted to GitHub Classroom and 4 were selected to the finals. Those teams came to São Paulo and worked for two days with mentors to get their project done and presented it to the panel.

Panel members discussing the projects

The judge's panel was composed by many EOS and blockchain specialists, including Thiago Canellas (@EOSRio), Gustavo Mickiewicz & Carlos Fernández (@EOSArgentina), Avelino Morganti (Huobi Brasil / @eoshuobipool), Solange Gueiros (Blockchain Evangelist) and André Salem (Blockforce). By unanimous decision, final results were:

EOS Rio hackathon champions: team Bluchain! \o/ \o/ \o/

1st place: Renova | Prize: 600 EOS | team: Bluchain. Token to incentivize people to recycle. They created a whole incentives system to reward recycling actions to transform an average person into a “recycling hero”.

Team Hestia participated in the Hacktown event and got second place!

2nd place: Hestia | Prize: 300 EOS | team: Hestia.

Smart contracts solution to make soccer player transactions and FIFA decisions transparent and accountable.


Alex and Pâmela from team RegistraRio

3rd place: RegistraRio | Prize: 100 EOS | team: RegistraRio.

A dApp to store health data where the user can access it anonymously from anywhere, with availability and reliability.

Maciel & Rodrigo from team GameCrypto

4th place: GameCrypto | Prize: 100 EOS | team: GameCrypto.

Blockchain-based marketplace for trading virtual products such as game items & accounts.

After this experience, we learned that hackathons are a learning environment powered by co-creation. You start learning and thinking about the event’s challenge, but when you’re finished, you end up learning and rethinking a lot about yourself.

No one leaves a hackathon the same person they got in. And because this kind of event has such a memorable experience, it became a fundamental part of our community strategy to grow EOS adoption.

We would like to demonstrate much gratitude towards the online and offline mentors that collaborated with us.

Huge thanks Sungjae Chung (@HKEOS), Pete Cheyne (@blockmatrix), Eric Björk (@eossweden), Gustavo Mickiewicz & Carlos Fernández (@eosargentina), Michael Yeates (@eosdac), Charles Holtzkampf (@eos42) , Avelino Morganti (@eoshuobipool /Huobi Brasil), Karla Córdoba , Ranulfo Paiva and Julien Lucca from BeSpiral.

It was very cool to see how strong our community already is — and we’re just getting started. This small test showed us how we can count on each other to helping each other.

Every participant from the hackathon that tried hard and focused on learning is a winner. The collaboration between different actors from the ecosystem made it happen in a win-win situation. It was great for everyone involved.

If we, as the EOS community, can keep doing things at this collaboration level, it will be a matter of time to grow EOS and make it the most adopted decentralized platform in the world.

The future is bright and we're building our community block by block :)

Made with ❤ by EOS Rio!


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