Introducing SimplEOS: a desktop Wallet + Voting Interface for the EOS ecosystem

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SimplEOS - your simple and secure EOS wallet

Made with ♥️ by EOS Rio, a Block Producer candidate

SimplEOS is a wallet made solely for the EOS ecosystem, aiming to be fully integrated with all features available in the EOS.IO software.

EOS Rio made SimplEOS with a security and transparency philosophy. It is a desktop application compatible with the most popular operating systems (Windows, Linux and MacOS).

User experience focus was also a main part of SimplEOS creation process.

Our code is on GitHub to be audited by the community. Please keep in mind this software is still in its first releases and there may be minor bugs.

Main Features

As of 13/06/2018 (v 0.3.5), SimplEOS main features include:

  • Local Storage: private keys are encrypted and stored locally only.
  • Import Exodus wallet
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Token transfer
  • Password Protected transactions
  • Contacts List / Add contacts
  • Transactions / Action History
  • Integration with the awesome block explorer from EOS Flare
  • Voting Interface

Security Measures

Encryption & Local storage only

SimplEOS is a desktop wallet because we know some users aren't comfortable using their private keys on web browser applications. Your private keys are stored locally only and are properly encrypted with a user defined password of 10+ characters.

Proxy to fetch external data

External informations outside of the blockchain (such as the Block Producer standard) are fetched via a proxy server provided by EOS Rio, to avoid malformed json data and third-party servers' misconfigurations.


Voting Interface


Token transfer and Contacts list


This page Interface design was inspired by the incredible work of @kedward


Transaction / Action History


How to use

1. Download

Latest download links can be found at Github -
Just click on the file that has the extension that is right for your OS

  • .exe for Windows
  • .dmg for MacOS
  • .AppImage for Linux


Only download SimplEOS from EOS Rio's Website, Github or Steemit. Avoid scams, do not trust any other source.

Distribution or copy of this software or any of its parts and associated documentation, is not allowed by applicable law, unless previous written permission is given by EOS Rio. All rights are reserved.

SimplEOS doesn't keep any of your information. All information is kept locally only, not in any cloud services or databases.

However, as with everything involving private keys, please be diligent with your personal security. Never expose your desktop to suspicious websites or applications.

Legal Disclaimer

By downloading SimplEOS you agree to the Terms of Service.

2. Install

Note: Windows may give a warning asking you to accept because we haven't purchased Microsoft code signing Certificate yet.

3. Two "Login" Options

a. Use existing key


b. Import Exodus Wallet

Intuitive steps for this can be found at SimplEOS when you click the button.

Planned Roadmap

When mainnet is activated with 15% of votes:

  • Stake/Unstake functions - DONE ✔
  • Display the other tokens (such as airdrops tokens)

Next features to be implemented:

  • Create new account - high priority
  • Create new wallet - high priority
  • Edit/remove contacts - high priority
  • Testnets support
  • Delegate Permissions
  • Secured Delayed Transactions
  • Mobile Version
  • Multi languages support

Help us continue funding this projects by voting for us as Block Producers :)

Special Thanks

We would like to thank the amazing Exodus Team for their help, support and interest in the project. What a team of such committed, collaborative and nice people.

Website -
[email protected]


This would combine perfectly with a Ledger Nano S I think... Just a tip for the roadmap?

Great idea for the roadmap, thank you @sbrekelmans

좋은 내용 감사 합니다.

I do not know what to do. On the one hand I wonder whether I should wait a bit. It is release 0.36 and I do not know enough coding to know whether there are still bugs in there. On the other hand it would be great to vote and support the EOS community. But in any case, great job releasing the wallet and making voting easy -- way to go.

Hi @steemtaurus, yes we understand your concern as it is still on the early releases and still being audited by the community. Although your private key is properly encrypted at all times, and the data is only stored locally on your computer. Here's an idea, you can download, login and just vote or do a transaction, then log out (on the config menu). This will clear all data afterwards 😊 and then just unistall SimplEOS. The other option is to wait a little longer until you feel safe! But please, just do what you comfortable with :)

Great Work Team! I applaud you for creating something easy and quick to use. :)

this is so cool thank you

Just installed your wallet. Unstake 99.5% of my coins. Wallet is very simple (and nice) and very easy to use. I like it! Good work.

Нужно ли будет скачивать обновления в дальнейшем? Благодарю.

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

Please what is the minimum operating system requirements for Mac OS?
I've had some trouble opening my SimplEOS download.
Presently using Mac OS X 10.9.5 on a laptop.

Yes! It´s here, I´ve been waiting! :D

Please include scatter option to your wallet

Hi @mahajian our wallet is a desktop application. It is oriented for users that aren't comfortable using their private keys on web browser applications. So we can't integrate with Scatter, since Scatter is a chrome puglin :)

Great Job folks! Already using it! Bring Brazil to the center of the Crypto World.

btw, i posted it on steemhunt to bring more visibility for you!

When create new wallet, Tweeks®(two weeks) :)

What a great tool and a very good looking interface, good work guys.

Well done amazing!!

I just downloaded to tool, it is great and love the fact that you include multiple accounts linked to keys.

My one ask would be to include any tokens currently In the process of being un-staked as it is terrifying to see them not show anywhere. Other than that, it is a great app, thank you.

Can you provide us with the shasum for the executables?

We started adding it on the releases! It's indeed a good way of confirmation. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi, the wallet looks great! Quick question, will you be supporting the EOS airdrops in the wallet too?

Yes, the airdrops will appear on the wallet.

Hi Guys. I have just recently imported my address from my Exodus wallet (20 minutes ago) and dont see any of the airdrops that are linked to my address. All I see is; Your other tokens, such as Airdrops, will appear here. My question do I need to do something to claim them or does it just take time to sync? Would appreciate any assistance :)

Hi @bitassist you don't have to do anything to claim your airdrops, if you met the criteria to the airdrops you got them ;) but please note that currently there wasn't any airdrop to the eos mainnet YET. The airdrops you are referring to are ERC-20 tokens that will be converted to the EOS mainnet, or airdrops that will use the currently EOS snapshot. But they should be done pretty soon. When they are deployed effectively to the eos mainnet, we will display them on our walltet :)

Hi eosrio, I am quite new to the whole EOS universe. Could you please recommend some reliable sources to learn about the rules/criteria of the airdrops you have mentioned. I also have some EOS on the exodus wallet. Like @tastetwist I would also appreciate a quick how-to on moving from the exodus wallet to your application. Many Thanks

I have been using it and follow your latest released! it's really user friendly and nice gui interface. I can't wait for the create account function to be activated!

Posted using Partiko Android

Was using the Scatter/EOSPortal combo up to this point and had some problems the last few days with the log in. Did some research and found out about your wallet. I must say that it is sleek and uncomplicated (keep it simple ;) ). Also moved some votes (you deserve some reward) toward EOSrio ;)

what,s the ratio of earning from staking coins, ?????

DPoS is not PoS, there is no earning from staking :) staking only guarantees you resources on the network, such as CPU and Network bandwidth

Looks familiar ;)
Can't wait to see that wallet in action!

Oh my god, so you were the one who thought of some interface ideas for an EOS wallet :D someone had sent some pictures to us when we were looking for ideas. Great job!!!! As you can see we used it as inspiration on our contacts page. We will update the post and give credits to your design on that page 😊 good to find you on steemit @kedward

Trabalho incrível muito obrigado..Saludos desde Orlando/Colombia

Great job guys! Muito bom!

Looks great but I have a problem; I didn't own tokens before the mainnet launch but I bought some EOS on an exchange today. I downloaded SimplEOS to hodl my EOS locally but,... It requires you to open an EOS account. This costs a small amount of EOS to do which you won't have if you don't already have an account with EOS in it. The only option given in the wallet is that it gives you a code that you're supposed to send to a 'friend' to open the account for you (I don't have anyone to do this for me). Importing a private key or the .csv file from Exodus fails since I don't have a registered EOS address. How can I make this work to keep my EOS in my own wallet instead of leaving it on the exchange, which is all I can do for now?...

Can you do a video or post on importing Exodus into this wallet? Thank you :)

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