EOSRio meetup yesterday was a success :)

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Yesterday we held the first EOS meetup in Rio de Janeiro. The event was a success and over 50 people attended it! The event was also live streamed on youtube.

In the presentation, we first explained what is EOS.IO and its main features, especially regarding to the latest release Dawn 3.0. We compared it with other blockchain technologies and showed some of EOS.IO advantages. The block producer model was explained, thus making everyone aware of the importance of community voting and contribution for a stronger ecosystem. The presentation ended with a Q&A session. People also made questions over the live stream.


We plan on making more meetups on a regular basis and for more people. We did not expected the high demand of the event and were very happy with the results!

Link to the livestream

We received some positive feedback on the Meetup event Link


See you on the next meetup!


Valeu, parabéns pelo evento! ! Uma dica, se for postar em português o pessoal dos projetos @camoes e @lusofonia (hj inativos) recomendaram a adoção da tag #pt, que vem sendo utilizada até hj. Sucesso e boa sorte mais uma vez!!

Ah, legal!! Não sabiamos dessa tag, vamos passar a usar, muito obrigado pela dica @wagnertamanaha

Very cool. Looks like a great crowd. I hope everyone left with a better understanding about EOS. Go EOS!!

Hey guys, I am trying to set up a similar kind of introduction event in New Zealand for the EOS ecosystem. Would you mind sharing some of the materials utilised for the general presentation to the audience? Thanks.

Hello @will.remor sorry for the late response! Of course, we will send our presentation to you! Contact us on our telegram channel https://t.me/eosrio or email [email protected]

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