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EOS Voter http://eosvoter.eosphere.io

With the excitement of the imminent EOS mainnet launch, many in the community have been seeking ways to exercise their very first chance to flex their EOS governance rights, by activating an EOS mainnet by voting.

By voting to nominate block producer candidates, the EOS community will decide who will run and help govern the EOS blockchain.

EOSphere, have independently developed ‘EOS Voter’ (http://eosvoter.eosphere.io) and have open sourced (https://github.com/eosphere/eos-voter) the code for the community to use, audit and contribute to, with the aim of providing a secure and reputable portal for EOS voting.

‘EOS Voter’ relies on ‘Scatter’ (https://scatter-eos.com) for your EOS private key management, meaning ‘EOS Voter’ never has access to your private keys - your EOS private keys are secured by Scatter and never leave your computer.

We're also currently working with the Scatter developers to provide end to end SSL communication between your browser, Scatter and SSL enabled public EOS full nodes.

'EOS Voter' is currently configured to use the Jungle EOS Testnet and will be switched over to the EOS mainnet when its appropriate to do so.

Here is a short video tutorial on how to use our voting portal with Scatter

Warning: Never use an online EOS voting portal that asks you to directly enter your EOS private keys. Always ensure you use a trusted local wallet that creates and signs transactions locally before sending them to the EOS network.

And remember - if you're not 100% sure about using any portal, website or tool to vote, its recommended you wait until it's clear which sites the EOS global community have decided are safe to use.


Website https://www.eosphere.io

EOSphere are a passionate group of EOS enthusiasts and data centre professionals campaigning for election as founding block producers for the EOS mainnet launch in June this year.

Based in Australia, EOSphere are focussed on bootstrapping the EOS community and serving the entire EOSphere through provision of infrastructure, governance and community benefit initiatives.

Follow us @eosphere - twitter @eosphere_io - YouTube EOSphere - Facebook EOSphere


I can advice people to not put private key on this chrome extension !
That is not secure way for voting we need complete c or c++ app maybe Qt app.

Google chrome is not your friend!

I hope exodus to implement some secure voting software !

We appreciate your caution and advice, Scatter for EOS is similar to MetaMask for Ethereum in how it protects users private keys and is widely trusted by the EOS community. You can always use the the command line EOS software cleos/keosd if your capable of doing so.

Well done guys!

hi, we are a blockchain company, OneChain, our website is: onechain.one, we have developed a wallet which supports the EOS voting as well, this is a simple introduction of the voting: https://steemit.com/eos/@onechain001/eos-block-producer-candidate-voting-guide-book, if you are interested to be listed on our portal, please submit your info through the github link stated in this article: https://steemit.com/blockchain/@onechain001/onechain-will-support-the-eos-block-producer-candidate-voting.

Thank you for this short and informative tutorial. Will you guys be officially announcing support of Scatter once mainnet voting is open? To date this is the only wallet I'm hearing of consistently that seems to be widely supported in EOS community. Thank you.

I'll be looking this over and checking back here for further comments by those that have voted.

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