Building an EOS development environment from source

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As good as the EOS.IO documentation is , we have realised that there aren’t any videos detailing how you actually go about building your own single node testnet. 

Having your own testnet is an excellent way for you to play with the EOS.IO software, interact with the example contracts and of course develop and upload your own! 

Our first video details how you go about running a local testnet to get you started on your EOS.IO experience. 

Server specifications are quite minimal on your own private testnet, I was running a 4 core i5, 60GB of SSD Disk with 4GB of RAM and utilisation was very low.

EOSphere are passionate group of EOS enthusiasts and data centre professionals setup to help in the global community launch of the EOS blockchain later this year. Based in Australia, EOSphere are initially focused on bootstrapping the Australian EOS community by hosting a series of meetups in each state capital. 

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Very informative, thanks! Go EOS

That was exactly what I was looking for, thanks for your time, great post

What is the developer response like regarding EOS's recent release of Dawn 3.0. Is it a hit?! I would love to hear some feedback from @eosphere and other developers! I'm not a programmer so this important information is not something I can determine on my own. Everything else about EOS looks good though. I just did a recent article titled:

EOS advantages for token holders

Dawn 3.0 appears to be working well, improved stability on the R&D community testnet and we're now looking to use the Dawn 3.0 alpha on the main community testnet as well.

Thank you! Will it be possible to take existing internet applications and "reconfigure" them to work with EOS.IO? Am I correct in assuming that most existing web applications, both private business and retail websites, could benefit from decentralization at some level? For example, If Home Depot wanted to operate their internal web applications on the EOS.IO to take advantage of the amazing security it offers, couldn't they do so while still maintaining complete privacy over their data? I mention Home Depot due to the fact their systems were hacked exposing customers credit card information. Does it make sense for websites like Ebay and Craigslist to adopt EOS.IO? Or do new versions of these existing applications need to be rewritten entirely? I really appreciate your input!

Good job illustrating this task. One suggestion for a future video would be using the Launcher program to automate all of the configuration tedium you walk through at around the 10 minute mark. The launcher can be used for single node testnets like your illustration, or multi-node nets. We use it to set up and deploy the public eosio testnet.

Thanks for pointing that out Phil and challenge accepted we can see launcher being most useful!

Excellent video @eosphere - this is the first time we've seen such an effort and it will be of great value to the numerous developers entering EOS in the coming months. Thanks for producing this and we also love your desktop background!

It is great project of EOS, it is just about the time until the EOS to be more great in the future, all of aspects fundamental of EOS is good than another coin. I am ready to the moon :D

Very helpful information

Thank you for contacting Support for questions related to the EOS Token Distribution, including technical questions related to the smart contract, is only available for eligible participants. before we are able to provide support, please respond to this email and confirm that:

You have read the EOS Token Distribution Purchase Agreement;
You are not a U.S. citizen, resident, or entity;
You are not a citizen of or resident of the People’s Republic of China or an entity formed under the laws of the People’s Republic of China (each a "Chinese Person") UNLESS you have purchased EOS Tokens prior to the September 4, 2017 revision of the Purchase Agreement
So much for fairness and equality I guess were all equal in less were American or Chinese , I thought the whole idea with this block chain was furnace and equality for all people know matter where you come from what religion you are what sex equality for all and privacy in a D centralized system and less you’re an American or Chinese doesn’t quite seem fair and equal to me just saying

Thanks for sharing!! Go EOS!

Awesome video. Thank you

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