Are EOS BPs Really Qualified? Re-ranking the Top 40 BPs on 5 Dimensions! #1

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The outline of this report is as follows:

1、Background & Significance

Since the EOS is based on the DPOS consensus mechanism, each EOS holder has influence according to his token ratio. The holders vote for 21 BPs and nearly 59 standby BPs to represent them for information verification and accounting. The BPs can also harvest the corresponding economic benefits. According to the EOS white paper, EOS will issue an additional 5% of tokens per year, and 1% will be rewarded to BPs, which is a total of 10 million EOS revenues per year.

AS we all know, BPs are essential to the stable operation of the EOS network. However, driven by the above-mentioned huge rewards, since the EOS main net came online, problems such as mutual voting, whales supporting for interest, have became an open secret in EOS. In this case, the EOS network has been reduced to a game of capital competition. For example, some unknown BPs that have never been involved in EOS ecosystem, such as Strongmonkey, greencapital, and cochainworld, share economic benefits for a long time under the help of whales. However, those high-quality BPs that are committed to building EOS ecology, may not have access to BPs or standby BPs, and as such they will not be able to share the economic benefits they deserve. Therefore, to some extent, the current BPs rankings cannot reflect the real strength of BPs and their contribution to the EOS ecosystem.

In this context, with the principle of “only writing for facts, not for money”, EOSONE has reorganized the top 80 BPs details (BP rankings until 17:00 on August 17), and score and re-rank them according to certain scoring criteria. This is a review report for the top 40 BPs. EOSONE will update another report for the other BPs soon.

In the series of reports, EOSONE hopes to achieve two goals as follows. First, every EOS token holder will be more rational and cautious to participate in the voting, which is helpful to a healthier EOS ecosystem. Second, every BP will be more transparent to the public, and strengthen community construction and project development.

2、BPs Name List

The top 40 BPs (ranking until 17:00 on August 17) are analyzed in this report, and the name list is as bellow:


In order to collect BPs' information before the EOS main net comes online, EOS GO has asked the candidate BPs to provide the following six check mark criteria in its series of Block Producer Candidate Report:

Now the EOS main net has been online for more than two months, and BPs have also been involved in community construction and project development. Therefore, in addition to the development plan, team members, BPs should be also comprehensively evaluated from their community construction, activities participation, and landing projects and so on. In combination with the above EOS GO criteria, EOSONE intends to review BPs in five quantifiable dimensions, and they are transparency, internationalization, community construction, activity participation, and landing projects with different scores based on their importance. The review dimensions and scoring methods are shown in the following table:


EOSONE mainly obtains the information from the BPs official websites and their Steemit shown on the official website. The information published in other platforms is not included in the collection. The top 3 and last 3 rankings are as follows:
#1 CryptoLions、EOS Tribe(9 points)
#3 EOS New York(8 points)

#38 EOS42(2 points)
#39 EOSflytoMARS、JEDA(1.5 points)

It is worth mentioned that almost all BPs claim to be transparent to the public, and promise to timely disclose their income and expenditure. But in fact, only CryptoLions and EOS Tribe have published their specific financial statements. And MEET.ONE, EOS Argentina, and eosDAC have published financial statements only in percentage but without specific data. None of the remaining BPs reported financial status.

(BPs in grey are the top 21 BPs as of 17:00 on August 17)

Since EOS is an international project, BPs should be also in line with the international world. The most obvious assessment standard for internationalization is languages quantities of official websites and social media. The most international BPs are as bellow:
#1 eosDAC(8 points)
#2 EOS Nation(7 points)
#3 EOS Canada、EOS Amsterdam、EOSGen(6 points)

It is quite interesting that the official website of EOSGen has a total of 21 languages, which is far ahead of other BPs. However, the website of the Japanese BP called JEDA is only available in Japanese, and non-Japanese readers can not completely understand.

(BPs in grey are the top 21 BPs as of 17:00 on August 17)

(3)Community Construction
EOSONE searches for telegram groups and social media information from BPs official websites and their Steemit published on their official websites. And EOSONE takes the Twitter or Facebook with a large amount of users as the main social media. It turns out that the scores between the BPs are quite different, with a maximum score of 20 points and a minimum score of 0 points. The top 5 are:
#1 eosDAC(20 points)
#2 EOSLaoMao、Bitfinex、EOS Cafe Calgary(13 points)
#5 EOS Authority(10 points)

EOSHuobiPool, EOSflytoMARS, EOS WIKI only get zero point for the following reasons: 1) no telegram group (no link in the official website and cannot be found with keywords. 2) Twitter and Facebook have not been updated for recent two months. 3) No social media can be found.

Rankings of Community Construction are shown in the following table:

(BPs in grey are the top 21 BPs as of 17:00 on August 17)

(4)Activity Participation
EOS is a decentralized network that emphasizes interaction and discussion between BPs. EOSONE mainly obtains relevant information from social media such as official websites, Steemit, Facebook, Twitter of each BP.
EOS New York, EOS Nation, and MEET.ONE are tied for the first place at 14 points. But 11 BPs score only 0 point because no activity information can be found. Rankings are as follows:

(BPs in grey are the top 21 BPs as of 17:00 on August 17)

BPs may not publish their all project information on their official websites. Instead, they may post them on their social media. However, due to the large number of social media and limited time, EOSONE cannot analyze the content of social media one by one. Therefore, BPs are scored and ranked based on the information on the official websites. The top 3 BPs are:
#1 Greymass(22 points)
#3 EOS Cafe Calgary、EOSYS(20 points)

However, BPs like LibertyBlock, Sw/eden, EOS Argentina, JEDA, EOS Amsterdam, EOSGen, only got 0 points, for no projects information can be found on their official websites or Steemit.

(BPs in grey are the top 21 BPs as of 17:00 on August 17)


After a large amount of data analysis and combining the above five dimensions, EOSONE finds that the overall situation is not optimistic. The total score of each BP is all less than 50 points, and the average score is only 27.3 points. The top 6 and last 5 BPs are:

#01 eosDAC(46.5 points)
#02 EOS Cafe Calgary(44 points)
#03 MEET.ONE(43.5 points)
#04 EOS New York、EOSYS(42 points)
#06 EOS Nation(40 points)

#35 EOS WIKI(12.5 points)
#36 EOSGen(11 points)
#37 JEDA(8.5 points)
#38 LibertyBlock(8 points)
#39 EOSflytoMARS(6.5 points)

Specifically, 1) In terms of Transparency, CryptoLions, EOS Tribe, and EOS New York are quite transparent, and publish their financial statements, projects, team members, roadmaps, company addresses, servers on their official websites or Steemit. 2) In terms of Internationalization, eosDAC, EOS Nation, EOS Canada, EOS Amsterdam, and EOSGen have been identified highly international due to their wide variety of languages on their official websites and social media. 3) In terms of Community Construction, eosDAC, EOSLaoMao, Bitfinex, EOS Cafe Calgary, EOS Authority have more members of the telegraph groups, and are active in their social media and community interaction. Specifically, eosDAC, famous for its decentralized community construction, has many telegram groups in different languages with tens of thousands of members. 4) In terms of Activity Participation, EOS New York, EOS Nation, MEET.ONE actively participate in various EOS activities. Another 11 BPs only get 0 points because no relevant activity information can be found on their websites. 5) In terms of Landing Projects, EOS Beijing, Greymass, EOS Cafe Calgary, and EOSYS are better than other BPs.

The scores and rankings of all BPs are shown in the following table:

(BPs in grey are the top 21 BPs as of 17:00 on August 17)


1. Limited Information Channels. Each BP may post information on its official website, Twitter, Facebook, Steemit, Weibo, WeChat and so on. But within a limited time, EOSONE cannot collect every detail from every channel of each BP. Since the official website is undoubtedly the most formal channel for a BP, and EOS GO also requires BPs to create a Steemit account and post information on it, EOSONE can only choose the official website and Steemit as the information channel of this report. To a certain extent, this report may have the problem of incomplete information and unscientific results due to limited information channels.
2. Missing Information. Due to the fragmented and huge information on each social media, EOSONE cannot guarantee that every details of social media can be captured, especially the activity participation and projects that are unpublished on official websites.
3. Doubtful Criteria. Based on the understanding of EOS ecology, EOSONE summarizes the five review dimensions, and assigns different scores to each dimension. These review dimensions and scores are not supported by accepted theories, and are not voted by all EOS members. If the review dimensions and scores are different, then different results may happen. Besides, since the influence of BP activities and projects is difficult to assess, these two aspects in this report are only reviewed in their quantity.


To be more scientific and fair, EOSONE will try its best to find out more information in different social media, and continuously optimize the evaluation criteria.
Besides, EOSONE hereby hopes that all BPs can provide more your own information according to the above criteria before September 9th. EOSONE will adopt and analyze them carefully and then refresh the scores and rankings of the BPs involved in this report if needed, and produce a more objective report for the remaining BPs.

PLS download the Information Collection Template and send your information back to our email.
Download Link:
EOSONE Email Address:[email protected]

8、BPs Name List for Next Report

The name list of the remaining BPs for the next report is shown as follows:

9、Join us!

As described in the above report, the current EOS BP rankings are quite disorderly and unfair. Some good BPs are not able to be BPs and enjoy the benefits accordingly, while some BPs without any contribution to the EOS ecosystem or even without any information, always occupy the rankings and get the bonus.

Therefore, after 3 months of careful consideration, EOSONE is a neutral organization committed to be the supervisor for BPs and the ecological builders. All tokens we issue are only for voting agent users, and tokens holders can enstrust us to vote for the qualified BPs. We will use all proceeds (excluding operating expenses) to buy all EOSONE tokens in the market regularly on the first week of each quarter. EOSONE benefits include but are not limited to ecological governance benefits, DAPP development. EOSONE hopes we can maintain the ecological balance of EOS, and share the EOS development proceeds with all holders.

To Vote is to Mine! The game rules are as follows:

  1. EOSONE tokens will be presented in a ratio of 1:5 and the candies will be released in batches in 12 months.
  2. Get 10 of 1000 interest on the principal token every day.
  3. If the voting authorization is cancelled before the expiration date, the gift tokens will be not released for the month.
  4. After the authorization is completed for one year, if EOSONE token holders continue to authorize, then they will be presented in a ratio of 1:5 at one time.
  5. The EOSONE token is issued through a smart contract, without manual operation, and once the commission is made, the proceeds can be earned.

For example, a large token holder commits 100,000 EOSONE tokens to EOSONE for 6 months, and then he can get another 430,000 in total finally.
(100,000 x 2.5)+( 100,000 x 10 / 1000 x 30 x 6) = 430,000

How to entrust? You can entrust the voting rights to EOSONE in any wallets, and EOSONE tokens will be gave to you automatically by the smart contract. EOSONE proxy account is eosonebetter.

Join us!
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I might make a video on this article hope you dont mind but its an important topic

Hi, it is a very nice idea! We really hope all EOS members can make contributions to the EOS ecosystem. Since there are lots of limitations in our report due to the limited information channel and non-perfect criterias, and some important information for some BPs must be missed, we will update the report if we get new information from BPs. BTW, we will be very appreciated if you can send us the video link if you finish it.

We hope the video shows EOSONE is the data source. Many thanks!

Article IV - No Vote Buying
No Member shall offer nor accept anything of value in exchange for a vote of any type, nor shall any Member unduly influence the vote of another.

We are not BP, so we are not a direct beneficiary. We are committed to being a node supervisor. As for the current situation of our observations, there are a lot of BPs voting for each other by offering valuable things. This is bad, and has been contrary to what you said that can not provide value things in exchange for voting. We have wrote several reports about trading voting, and will translate them in English soon. We will really hope to do our best to the EOS ecosystem. Thanks!