EOS NodeOne roadmap & stance on vote-buying

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We’re EOS NodeOne, a block producer candidate from Seoul, South Korea. We announced our candidacy on 3th May. In this article, we’ll introduce what we have done so far, what our plans are for the near future ahead, and our attitude toward vote-buying.

What we have done so far…

  • Candidacy Announcement
  • Achieved 2,000 Telegram subscribers
  • Built BP Revenue Analysis Tool V.1.
  • Proposed a solution for a RAM Squatting problem
  • Proposed a new way how DApps to issue their airdrops
  • Participated in BIOS & launch process
  • Pitched EOSeoul & EOSPay Meetup
  • Built BP Revenue Analysis Tool V.2.

What we plan to do from now on:

Q3 2018

  • Support successful launch of EOS Blockchain
  • Scale & optimize secure, stable, and reliable infrastructure
  • Begin organizing EOS NodeOne meetups
  • Create a detailed protocol form for DApp incubation and it’s airdrops

Q4 2018

  • Initiate DApp incubation program
  • Continuously test and identify scaling need for Infrastructure
  • Communicate and promote incubated DApps

Although we listed items in above milestones, there’s a huge degree of uncertainties in terms of financial feasibility with items listed above. Detailed items and plans can change depending on where we end up in election, however, all budget expenditure shall follow our priority as described below:
Budget expenditure priority:

1. Maintaining secure, reliable infrastructure

  • scale hardware as needed in different locations

2. Investing & incubating DApps

  • Run acceleration program in collaboration with the top blockchain accelerators
  • Focus on dApps projects that have a network effect potential, have a potential to be a killer app of EOS or disrupt industry with token economy.

3. Fostering EOS community & education

  • Holding regular events, conferences and spot meetups 
  • Educational content creation

Stance on Vote Buying

EOS NodeOne stands against direct, quid-pro-quo vote buying. However, EOS NodeOne pledges to airdrop DApp tokens that it incubates to ALL EOS holders who exercised their voting rights.

The key point here is that even though you do NOT vote specifically for EOS NodeOne, if you have participated in the BP voting process, you will receive an airdrop. This is a compensation mechanism that does NOT reward voters for voting for certain candidates but yet incentivizes the ACT OF VOTING ITSELF. 

The intention behind this is to promote EOS token holders to stake their tokens for the long-term. This way, we can expect to see an increase in BP voting activity as well as an increase in staked tokens. 

This system will incentivize EOS holders to vote, REGARDLESS of who they vote for, and will return the benefits to both the holders and the BPs, creating a virtuous cycle that results in positive gains for all parties involved.

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