The EOS Mainnet Launch Survival Guide: Safe Wallets & Voting Portals (Updated 6/4/18)

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This guide will be updated as new tools are discovered and vetted

This guide covers:

  • ETH/EOS Key pair converters
  • Wallets
  • Voting Portals
  • Block Explorers

The following guide will be helpful if you wish to participate in the EOS mainnet launch without incident. The tools in this list are the only ones we can recommend at this time. The prerequisites to appear on this list are: we have worked with the creators directly and/or know them personally, the code is open source, and/or we have worked on it ourselves. Some of these projects may still be under construction at this time.

Key Pair Converter


This will be a primary attack vector of scammers. Please read thoroughly.

The Snapshot

On June 2nd at 22:59:59 UTC all ERC-20 EOS tokens on the Ethereum blockchain will be frozen forever. The EOS crowdsale contract will execute this function and nothing can stop it. 23 hours after that the final snapshot will be taken to prepare for the EOS mainnet launch.

What is the snapshot? The snapshot is just a CSV file. It's a database of public addresses and the corresponding token balances. That's it.

Here is the snapshot that has been confirmed accurate by at least 7 block producer candidates.. If you registered your address and you see your EOS public key in the list then you are good to go!~~

Also included in the snapshot process is a list of unregistered addresses. Here's the list of unregistered addresses from that period. Are you in here?

The Fallback Method:

If you're reading this right now because the EOS mainnet is live and you've just realized that you didn't register your tokens, then you might be in luck. The fallback method is meant to capture as many unregistered tokens as possible and make them available to their owners immediately at launch.

The fallback method works first by identifying the Ethereum addresses that hold EOS ERC-20 tokens but do not have corresponding EOS public keys mapped to them (i.e. unregistered). First, it grabs a public key for that address from the Ethereum blockchain, and then the Ethereum public key is "converted" into an EOS public key.

How is that possible? Think of it this way, your Ethereum public key is just the wrapper around a longer array of numbers which are compressed into a 64 character string that you call your public key. This 64 character string is specific to Ethereum and always begins with '0x'. If you “reverse” the process you can go back to the array of numbers and encode it for another blockchain, in this case EOS, which always begins with 'EOS'.

Here is the code.

Don’t Get Scammed

Block.One nor anyone else can convert your private key for you because it's only known to you so you have to convert it. It will be this point of conversion that scammers will try to take advantage of. They will use this opportunity to present fake and malicious key converters. If you fall victim to this scam you will lose both your EOS and ETH private keys.

To reiterate, If you use a malicious key converter you will lose both your Ethereum and EOS private keys.




The great developers at Scatter have taken the original key converter code and integrated it straight into the interface. Scatter is an extremely useful tool and we recommend it to anyone looking for a secure method to sign transactions online.

EOS Cafe Calgary:



The EOS Cafe / EOS Calgary team has put together a simple, offline electron app key converter that you can download directly from their website. This method is very secure.


The wallet is an integral component of nearly every public blockchain. Many block producers have produced wallets and we will add them here as they are released.

Greymass: Combo voting portal & light wallet



A very cool project from Greymass that integrates voting functionality, token staking, and enables either temporary or local storage of keys.

EOS Canada: eosc Wallet

Github & Download Instructions Here


EOS Canada has built a wallet for all of the command line junkies out there. This wallet is recommended for those with command line experience.

EOS Rio: Simple EOS


Simple EOS is being built by EOS Rio and will be live for Mainnet launch. It has a well designed GUI and will have voting functionality built in. Both Windows and Mac apps are signed.

Voting Portals

Not every wallet will have voting functionality so there are many voting-only solutions being built. Nearly every one of them integrates Scatter so please familiarize yourself with Scatter’s functionality. Instructions on how to vote can be found at each portal.

EOS Portal



A community lead project which EOS New York has the pleasure of working on with many others. It’s fully integrated with Scatter and will support multiple EOSIO based blockchains in the future.

Tokenika: Offline Voting



Tokenika has put together a slightly more complex method of voting that works offline. Recommended for a more advanced user. Tokenika does provide a step-by-step walkthrough.

Block Explorers

In order to track transactions, histories, and accounts, block explorers are integral parts of the blockchain product ecosystem.

EOS Tracker



Developed by well-known community member, @Kesarito, this block explorer is expected to be live once mainnet is up and running.


EOS New York is a Block Producer Candidate for the EOS.IO Blockchain



pHEW! All is well and I'm ready to party. lets do this!

Nice CSV grab.

great list of resources. thanks @eosnewyork
EOS rocks!!
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Great article thanks for sharing!

LiquidEOS also put together a safe and user-friendly voting portal worth mentioning. I've linked it below. Good luck on the vote!

Yep that's the one I used, worked really well 👍

Very nice.... Go to the moon !!!


Cornell Professor and Nick Szabo Criticize EOS for Bugs and Centralization

I'm keep all erc20, nep5 and of course eos in Infinito, it will add EOS if it succeed in launching the mainnet. So I just stay calm and wait for the news, that's the convenient I like.

Saludos desde Orlando, Soon from Colombia amazing work...

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