Join the EOS Community: Telegram Channel Resource List

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Telegram Resource List


Interested in getting involved in the EOS community? It’s all happening on Telegram and there’s much more than just the main channel. Below is a list of every telegram channel we know of. As STEEM does not allow edits past 7 days please check here for a continuously updated list.

EOS General Chat (English):

Meetup Channels:

EOS New York:
EOS London:
EOS Nairobi:
EOS Hong Kong:
EOS Nation:

EOS Developers:

EOS Index (List of current EOS projects):
EOS Community Test Network:
EOS Developers:
EOS Game Developers:

EOS Price and Trading:

EOS Price Discussion:

EOS Discussion Channels:

EOS Block Producers:
EOS Governance:
EOS DAC Creators:
EOS Opportunities:

EOS News:

EOS Go Announcements:
EOS Airdrops:
Dan Larimer Bot:


EOS Korea:


EOS China:

Know of any we missed? Leave a comment below or contact us using one of the methods listed.

EOS New York is a block producer candidate for the EOS.IO Blockchain

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Staked tokens get network resources and voting rights. Its like owning land to vote, but you can't farm it. Either or is not a good model and I welcome arguments in favor.

It is a amazing. Very useful information Thank you.

Our pleasure.

Thank you so much -- VERY helpful!

It's great information but I have a there any option that I can claim eos for free with watching ads or filling survery or else anyway

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