EOS Mainnet Is Live! A Thank You To The Community.

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Hello EOS Community,

This is an incredibly important moment. For nearly a year the community has grown from a mere handful to hundreds of thousands across the globe. Thousands of hours of work from people of many cultures have lead to this day. We'd like to thank Block.One for developing the EOSIO software, but more than that, we'd like to thank those who launched it with us.

Our thanks lie with the community we've shared this experience with. To dozens of BPCs, to hundreds of community members, to our friends and families. We thank all of you for the privilege of this experience.

Now, the hard work begins. Now, we must deliver on the promised vision of what the EOS mainnet can and will become.

You, the token-holder community, have entrusted us with the shared stewardship of the EOS network. Your faith in us fuels our drive and we cannot wait for what we will build together on this platform. We cannot wait to share more of these moments with you all.

EOS New York has never been more prepared, nor more excited, for the work we have ahead of us. In the coming days and weeks, we will compile our next steps for you, update our roadmap, and begin the process of formalizing the transparency of our organization.

Usually at the bottom of our posts we say, "EOS New York is a Block Producer Candidate for the EOSIO blockchain." Today, no matter how long or short it may last, we say that we are a Block Producer. Thank you for this opportunity. We are EOS New York, but we are all EOS.

The EOS New York Team


EOS New York is a Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain



All the best for your project.

Congratulations EOS New York and thank you for everything you've brought to the community. We're proud to work alongside you in this effort to bring blockchain to the world. Go EOS!

Great job by the whole community to get the mainnet launched and by the core team for building it. Let the dAPP development and troubleshooting begin !

Congratulation!! Eosnework !!

Congratulations to All of Humanity on such a Historic Event! 🍾🎉🌎🌍🌏

Congrats! Look forward to your updated roadmap.

Congrats to everyone!
And congrats to @eosnewyork on your block producer spot.

Future starting today 😃

Way to go guys.......LETS DO DIS

Congratulation!! Eosnework !!

EOS is alive! Congrats and we hope to start making more history soon!

Congratulations, good work on a job well done.
We've got high hopes... high ay yay hopes...

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