You Chat, WeChat, We All Chat

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This post was co-written by @EOSNation, @EOSNewYork, and @EOSWTZ, in an effort to bring the global community together. Click here for EOS New York's post and EOSWTZ's post

Barriers to Conquer

There are many barriers that separate segments of the EOS community. Today, we’d like to cross one of those barriers and strengthen the communal bonds we are building together.

WeChat recently crossed 1 Billion users and is one of the most popular forms of communication in the Chinese market. Chinese Block Producers have established mature communities on top of WeChat while very few non-Chinese block producers have penetrated the platform.

Connecting with Each Other

Our goal is that every non-Chinese BP is on WeChat with a public ID and are accessible to the Chinese community. This will be done on a first-come first-serve basis and will take approximately two weeks for each ID. We will provide support throughout the process and offer a Telegram channel where discussion can take place.

What You Need To Do

The type of ID is “Person Non-Verified”. It’s able to engage in all of the enhanced content management functions that higher permissioned accounts can complete but without the hassle of the verification.

  1. Download the WeChat app and create an ID for yourself.
  2. Fill out this request form to acquire a public ID.
  3. Join the WeChat onboarding telegram channel here
  4. We will keep in contact via Telegram to inform Block Producers of the status of their request.
  5. Begin to research WeChat best practices.

The success of EOS is dependent on a desire to create and connect with one another. We hope that others will reach across the barriers that separate themselves from others and make the EOS community that much stronger.

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