🏅How to Vote for EOS Nation (Windows)

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The easiest & safest way we recommend to vote is to use eosc (or cleos for advanced users).

EOSC is a tool developed by EOS Canada. It has had a third party security audit performed by Elliptica Security . We are satisfied with the level of security and some co-founders of EOS Nation have used this tool to vote.

Official BP Account Name => eosnationftw

1. Download the latest release for your operating system (Windows)



2. Extract or unzip the EOSC release corresponding to your operating system

  • Windows: extract eosc_0.6.9_windows_x86_64.zip to a new directory (for example, C:/eosc )

3. Create your vault, which is a safe, encrypted place to store your private keys in eosc

Windows: Search for Command Prompts (cmd) and open that program

Using the Command/Terminal

Browse to the directory where your EOSC is located / extracted

In the example where you extracted the file to C:/eosc type in:

cd  C:/eosc
eosc vault create --import


4. Enter passphrase (will need to remember for later)

The passphrase will not show up on screen when you type it in for security reasons. You will have to confirm the passphrase twice.

5. Add private key to vault

eosc vault add


  • It will ask you for your passphrase, enter it.
  • It will ask you for your EOS private key, you can paste it at this point. (it will not show up on the terminal screen)
  • It will ask you to enter a 2nd private key if you want. If none, press enter.

6. Retrieve your EOS account name that was created for your public key

On your browser, open eosflare.io .

Enter your PUBLIC EOS KEY.

**** ATTENTION : Do not enter your private key on this website *****

After entering your public key , it will show your [ACCOUNT NAME]


7. Vote for eosnationftw

Back in the terminal window,

eosc vote producers [ACCOUNT NAME] eosnationftw <OTHER BPs>


It will confirm in the terminal if the voting process was done correctly!

Reach out to us on Telegram (https://t.me/EOSNation) if you have any questions

EOS To Da Moon! 🚀

Please ensure you've read the constitution prior to voting. This Constitution is a multi-party contract entered into by the Members by virtue of their use of this blockchain.


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I have no idea what this voting thingy means. Why we do that? What happens if we don't vote?

We vote for Block Produces. Voting happens every 128 seconds. Via your staking EOS coins.

If for some reason a BP messes up, the community (us) can vote them out.

Hi folks,

The mainnet is up and running.
EOS Romania is running the block producer eosromania22.
We support EOS, we are one,
one for all and all for one.


Hey @eosnation, might be good to mention that all unregistered accounts can't vote for now. Right?

That is true, all unregistered accounts cannot vote and most exchanges do not yet offer voting platforms.

So, do I need to have coins in my newly created wallet in order to stake or vote?

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