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Candidates of block producers: please publish your support in the comments and EOS Go will update this publication as appropriate.


Thank you for your time and consideration in the preparation of the EOS Mainnet Governance documentation in the course of the last 6 months. The contributions have been listened to and incorporated by hundreds of independent collaborators.

We now have the consensus and adoption signaled by the Block Producer Candidates, which include, but are not limited to:

Bitspace, BlockchainLab EOS, Blockgenic, Blockmatrix, Cryptolions, Distributed.Fund, EOS 42, EOS Arabia, EOS Argentina, EOS Asia, EOS Authority, EOS Brazil, EOS Cafe / Calgary, EOS Canada, EOS Costa Rica, eosDAC, EOS Detroit, EOS Dublin, EOSIO.SG, EOS Emerge, EOS Lithuania, EOSMeso, EOSMetal, EOS Nation, EOS New York, EOS NodeOne, EOS Pacific, EOSREAL, EOS Romania, EOSYS, EOS UK, EOS Van, EOSVibes, GenerEOS, LiquidEOS, sw / eden, TChain, to move forward with the proposed Constitution and the accompanying documents, found here:

Community Launch Docs

For the time being, the repository will be managed by David Moss, John Milburn, and Sam Sapoznick.

This Provisional Constitution will be available for review and referendum for the next 90 days, or as soon as the Referendum Contracts are in place, allowing voting in the chain. By the end of 2018, we plan to put all the main points of discussion for a formal community vote.

Reason for changes

In addition to believing in these changes, we also received a strong signal from Block.one that it was necessary for the community to modify the Constitution and convert it into the blockchain of the communities.

Change Summary

Article 1 (nonviolence) is being amended to allow the prosecution of non-violent crimes such as fraud. Yesterday's consensus meant simply adding the word "illegal violence". This version is clearer and less likely to misinterpret. The article now says:

Article I - No Initiation of violence

Members must not initiate violence or threat of violence against another member. The legal prosecution of crimes with the aim of preserving life, liberty, and property is not the beginning of violence.

  1. Change the name of the SYS token to EOS.

  2. Remove these two requirements from the transfer contract:

I know the person (s) who transferred {{quantity}} to '{{from}}'.
I know the owner (s) of the account '{{to}}'.

EOS BP Agreement | Change

While this may be a good idea, enough members of the community expressed concern that we want to present it for a formal referendum. It is also likely that Block.one has developed a complete default configuration that goes beyond the preferences of the community.

  1. Finally, there was an imprecise language in the block producer agreement regarding the disclosure of the property. As stated, the language originally used would have required an expensive disclosure of the beneficial (indirect) owners of a block producer. The new draft requires that ALL direct owners are disclosed. It also requires all beneficial (indirect) owners who own 10% or more to reveal their property. The section now says:

I, {{producer}}, agree to disclose and witness under penalty of perjury to all final beneficial owners of my business who >own more than 10% and all direct shareholders.

Call to action

The critical referendum can be held in 90 days, or as soon as the Referendum Contracts are in force, and the formal proposals in 180 days for this interim Constitution.

The block producers involved in the launch must adopt these documents as those with the broadest consent of the community.

Block producers, please communicate the following on all social media platforms:

We are committed to launching EOS from the following repository: EOS Mainnet

#EOSmainnet #EOSconstitution #EOSlaunch


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