EOS Nation supports the EOS Alliance

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EOS Nation stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the EOS Alliance, a non-profit entity built to serve the EOS community and help drive innovation to make EOS the greatest blockchain in the space.

We formally endorse the Alliance as it aims to be a focal point for the EOS community’s will — “Empowering EOS for All”.

For our official endorsement statement please click medium)


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We have a chance with EOS to create an Everyone's Open Society (EOS) constituted of Smart BPs and Smart Communitites. That's borderless and Blockchain and particularly EOS make this happen. But we have to be pragmatic bloc by bloc and be focused on what it matters *governance, *security, *education... EOS is for me the first blockchain 360° and the only one able to build our new age.
That's my hope as anyone having good intentions in this Ecosystem and Platform.

Gratz with that, it's big step forward

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