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Dan Larimer has encouraged Block Producer Candidates (BPCs) to publicly vet and recommend other BPCs they have actively worked with over the past months.

EOS Nation is actively taking a stance and publishing for the EOS community the list of BPCs we have personally worked with, through collaboration on community engagement projects, in technical projects and development, and in the advancement of governance and overall benefit to the EOS ecosystem.

EOS Nation certifies that the BPCs below share our values of Integrity, Professionalism, Transparency and Accountability. Each of them has demonstrated they should be in the top ranking – we encourage you to vote for them to keep the EOS ecosystem healthy and diverse.

Note that there are many other Block Producers who have done some wonderful things for the community however, as we have not personally collaborated with them, we have taken the position to exclude them from this list as to remain true to our values. We encourage BPCs to reach out to EOS Nation if they wish to collaborate on future projects.

The list below is presented in alphabetical order – no weight is given to the order these are presented in.






Vote with Cleos

$ cleos system voteproducer prods <VOTER> \
  eosnationftw cypherglasss argentinaeos blocksmithio eoscafeblock \
  eoscanadacom eosiodetroit eosnewyorkio eosriobrazil eossv12eossv \
  eostitanprod eostribeprod eosmesodotio eossocalprod libertyblock \
  eosasia11111 eoscannonchn eoseouldotio eosyskoreabp eosiomeetone \
  eosrealbpcsg eosisgravity hkeoshkeosbp cryptolions1 eosauthority \
  eosdublinwow eos42freedom eosdacserver sheos21sheos eosphereiobp

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Thank you for including shEOS. We are very excited to support and uphold the same principles as EOS Nation with adoption through education. You rock the block!

I believe this is a timly post as it comes at a time where holders are still undecided or unaware of high impact BPs. this will go a long way in Helping the community identify and reward committed BPs.

Kudos to all the BPs that made sure we launch #EOS successfully moreso the first BPC in Africa @eosnairobi 😊

Can we not proxyvote? Quite a job to evaluate all BP's... I wouldn't mind a list like 'these are our votes' if proxy not possible (which you just did and thanks for that)

Great List guys!


Message from EOS Nation : I could only vet BPCs I have personally worked with. This is by no means the only BPCs who deserve to get votes. I simply cannot put names that I did not work with personally to stay true to our values. We encourage BPCs to reach out to EOS Nation if they wish to collaborate on future projects. EOS Nation aims to be as inclusie and global as possible.

Hey guys, the biggest concern by the community is they feel entering their private keys into third party software to vote is too risky.

If @dan could endorse some of the most popular tools that would really help speed up the voting for sure.

Good list. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for including EOSeoul. We are really happy to cooperate with EOS Nation!